Can food be a friend?

Posted by jenteal on August 4th, 2010 |Filed Under Uncategorized | Leave a Comment

I’m starting to wonder if food will ever be a friend of mine. To me, it is always the enemy. Sitting there, taunting me. Eat me, Eat me! I’d love to be able to look at food as my friend that sustains me throughout life. Rather, I see it as the weight that sits on my hips, thighs and rear. I know I am the cause for my weight. Food doesn’t magically jump into my mouth. But it almost seems to me that it’s an enabler. It looks at me. It wears it’s most alluring fragrance that fills my senses up with oohs and ahhs. I would equate these tempting foods to the bad kids your parents didn’t want you to hang out with because they were terrible influences. Not the good kids (ie: fruits and veggies). Ah, living on the edge with the bad kids. This can only lead me down a bad path with a miserable future. I must befriend the good kids….


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