Start Your Diet Today!

Today’s menu

On the docket is:

B: pepper strips, grape tomatoes, mini cucumber, hummus and a cheese stick
S: protein bar ( I have to modify for my stomach issues)
L: salad with chicken and light buffalo ranch, hardboiled egg
S: nuts
D: up in the air but will get something on the way home!

I went out with colleagues last night and only ate some cheese and had diet cokes.  Felt very proud!

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A good friend from the 3FC forum recommended that I post more often.  And while the SBD thread has a lot of good resources, not all of them are for me…for a number of reasons.  So, I think that I am going to post my menus here.  It’ll help me hold myself accountable!

B: Kalyn’s Kitchen Southwestern Egg Casserole (added peppers)
S: protein bar
L: Hardboiled egg, salad
S: bell pepper strips and hummus
D: chicken breast and broccoli

I am going to attempt hitting the gym tonight if I can get out of work at a decent hour.  Dreading it but I know I feel so much better afterwards!

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Still ticking!

Happy 2014!

I am still alive.  Here’s a recap of 2013 (don’t worry, keep reading!  It’s short!):

I was 20 pounds down, on the South Beach Wagon then, in May, I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. High doses of prednisone lead to my eating uncontrollably.  I got back on the SB horse a few months later and even started the Couch to 5K (C25K) program and re-lost 10 pounds.  Since Thanksgiving, I’ve been off the wagon.  Despite that, I managed to lose 2 pounds on our cruise (and even run some) but since then, I’ve been a wash in self pity (new meds, can’t run and am on two inhalers).

Today though starts yet another new day of a new year.  DW is going food shopping and we’re back on Ph 1 starting tomorrow.  While I have many constraints (4 hour daily commute which leaves me exhausted, not to mention, lazy food-wise – no running, no full paycheck until February, etc.), I will not use them as excuses.

I am getting a Fit Bit, paid in part for my DW’s work.  I downloaded pedometer apps on my phone because I am walking so much more with my commute.  I *will* get to the gym in my building 1-2 times a week (to start).  Even if it is just to walk.  We’re debating joining a real gym, with a pool, since we can’t swim in the summer and our apartment gym is tiny and packed until March with the New Year’s Resolutioners. That too is partially paid for by DW’s work.

I will go food shopping and cook on Sundays, so we have food for most of the week to bring to work as well as to eat at night, making it quicker and more healthy.

It really seems like a vicious cycle – my trying to eat right and exercise.  I feel like 2013, with my being without a job, would have really been my year if it weren’t for the sarc, meds and my letting it all defeat me.

As of January 1, 2014, I am back to 253 pounds.  I feel icky in my own skin.  And so, I am going to make changes!

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On plan, no worries!

I keep forgetting to come here to post my menus.  I’ve been on plan!  Promise.  Only thing is that I am snacking late.  Too late.  Not sure if it is from starting the C25K program or my coming down off the prednisone but meh, I am too snacky, too late.

Today, after only 4 hours of sleep, I woke myself up to eat at a normal hour and start my day.

B: WW bagel thin, V8, coffee
S: RF cheddar cheese and an apple
L: mini meatloaf and smashed cauliflower
S: cucumbers and hummus
D: chicken breast, cous cous and brussel sprouts
I also hope to get to Day 3 of week 1 of the Couch to 5k program (C25K).  I’ve got issues with shin splints though because my sneakers are over a year old and stink.  I do have an amazing sports bra though!  It really does help.  Though I am afraid I will never be a runner – nor will I ever like it.  We shall see…

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Unemployment and food

We’ve hit a wall folks – out of money until Wednesday and no food to be gotten.  Makes for a hard, hard start to Phase 2 when you can barely eek by food wise.  Scraping the bottom of the barrel on some things here.

I didn’t have a final weigh in because of TOM.  I also think I am going to try no wheat and see if my stomach issues clear up sans medication.  But in the meantime, should be an interesting few days.

B: one egg, hot sauce, 2 slices of bacon, V8
S: 2 slices cheddar cheese
L: turkey slices and cucumber
D: meatloaf and smashed cauliflower
S: yogurt

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B: leftovers! Chicken and beans with cheese (MexiMix from yesterday’s lunch)
S: cucumbers and hummus
L: leftover crack slaw
S: cottage cheese and SF jam
D: Spaghetti squash and meatballs
D: SF jello and Cool Whip

I am thinking I am going to try getting to the gym today after my phone interview.  Send any good vibes you have my way please!!!!!!!!!

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South Beach Journey

I leave, I come back.  I leave, I come back.

It gets old huh?  Especially, I am sure, for those reading this.

But, after being diagnosed with a disease called sarcoidosis and being put on prednisone, I gave myself permission to eat my emotions for the last 5 months.  And the weight came back five fold.  Almost to my highest weight yet.

Last week, I said NO MORE!  I got back on South Beach.  While I am still on prednisone, and now methotrexate, I can’t carry around all this weight.  I had back surgery 6 weeks ago so I will get back into exercising (I had started the C25K right before surgery) post Friday’s appointment when I get the okay.

In the meantime, I started back on the program on 10/13 – the week of my birthday.  I lost 8 pounds last week!!!  And I hope for another 3 this week.  We go on a cruise the first week of December – and I want to get back down to 235 (or lower!) by then.  We hit Disney first for a few days so I know there will be some planned treats but because of the methotrexate, I can’t drink so my calories will be saved there!

Anyway. I think I am going to use this space to post my daily menus and do weigh-ins.  I need a space to feel free to do what I need to, you know?

B: yogurt with SF YooHoo mix, coffee, V8
L: I made THESE nachos – pretty tasty but not nachos
S: turkey, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers
D: Crackslaw
D: SF Jello and Cool Whip

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In the past, I’ve combated TOM with salty, salty foods.  Taco Bell.  Potato chips.  Fries.

Right now?  I am craving Doritos.  And/or nachos.

I am still following Ph1 for a few more days so I am not going to go make nachos with rice chips but DAMN this craving is very, very bad right now.  I don’t even have lettuce to make a taco salad.

But you sure as heck know what I am going to be making for lunch tomorrow!

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January 3

Well, it’s day 12 of South Beach, Phase 1 and I’ve lost 4 pounds so far (I get TOM tomorrow and so my Saturday weigh in might be a bit off kilter ).  My plan for today is to finish cleaning (we’ve cleaned the house spotless from top to bottom).  But I’ve got only the “study” to go and I don’t want to tackle it.  See, I got let go from work 2 weeks ago (paid out thru Dec. 31) and there are 5 boxes of work stuff that I just shoved into boxes at 5p that day and got the hell outta dodge.  Now I need to go through it all and toss a ton of it.

I’d like to get to the gym after that.  My monthly goal is to go down once a week.  And if TOM is indeed tomorrow, I will be holed up in bed, I am sure.  And not particularly wanting to go to the gym.

I’ve also got a ton of scrapbooking to do.  I am excited about it – without work, the creative part of my brain goes bleh so scrapbooking helps to keep that part of my head sane.  Just that par though 😉

How is your new year shaping up?  Only three days in!

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Ending 2012

I am ending 2012 up in weight, without a job but back on plan.

A lot, nay a TON, has happened since I last posted (how could that have been in JULY???) but really, does any of that matter? I guess it explains a bit of the gain and the job loss.  Let’s see…

*cue flashback music*

I had foot surgery at the end of August.  Which explained why I was in so much pain (I tore my toe ligament and he had to remove 2 mm of bone for an unrelated reason) so I was out of commission for a good month, in which time I got down to 224 pounds.  This was a new low weight for me but it was due to not eating because of all the meds I was on.  As soon as the meds ran out, the weight went up.  While out on disability, I was told by work that when I returned, due to lack of funds, I’d no longer be a full time employee (FTE) but a consultant.  I’d only work 3 days a week and lose all benefits except for health care.  At the end of October, I went back to our CEO having quit, a new interim CEO and 2 employees quitting.  Lots of changes and it was not a great environment.

I started PT but the stress from work (having to get 5 days of work done in 3, the tense situation in and of itself) I continued bad eating every other week it seemed.  We went on the cruise in December, I came back and was told I’d have a job only to have it revoked the next day.

Talk about stress eating!

But I woke up yesterday and decided to jump back on Ph 1 and I’ve got a plan.  The next weigh in will be on the 31st and by our next cruise in April (my MILs 60th birthday), I want to be down to 215.  Yes, we’ve got 2 cruises booked for next year and I am without a job.  Hopefully that won’t be for long.  But who really knows.  Last time I was unemployed, it was for 9 long months.  Send me some good vibes that it won’t be longer than a month this time around, ok?

So yes, I have a plan and I am back on plan.  I will be cooking a lot more with the time home and exercise too.  And looking for a job.  Good times.

How did 2012 treat YOU?

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