I’m back!

So… Been really busy what with school and everything. And thanks to the busy and the stressed and the money I’m fatter than ever. I feel disgusting. I can feel my thighs and belly and everything just falling out all over the place. I’ve lost definition and drive and I hate myself. I cried myself to sleep the other night because I played wingman for my roommate and not a single guy even wanted to attempt to talk to me… I’ve never felt so disgusting in all my life.




I guess today’s the day I start back up on the band wagon… or try… just like every day is the day… and then the chocolate or whatever ends up in front of me again, and I just add to my growing waistline.

 The problem is that I’m steadily gaining, not steadily losing. What the hell Jenna?


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  1. The only thing you can do at this point is to, well, DO IT. You probably know that you need to watch your portions and the type of cals and get moderate exercise. So, all you have to do is DO IT!!!! It is hard, and it will take time. But it’s either do it now, or continue to see that number go up. Both are hard, just pick which hard you can live with. The hard feeling awful gaining weight or the hard having to restrict yourself a bit? Most of weightloss is about food. Watch your food and you’ll probably start to see changes. You CAN do it. You just have to WANT it.

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