30lbs down!

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I have been slacking lately on updating my blog. As of this morning I am down 30 pounds, only 21 left to go!  21 pounds seems like such a small number compared to 51! It seems so achievable! I have continued to try new recipes. Some I’ve loved, some have been just ok. http://www.southbeachrecipes.com/diet-recipes/cheese-stuffed-beef-rolls These were yummy!! A lot like a lasagna or Stuffed Shells with no pasta. http://www.southbeachrecipes.com/diet-recipes/cheddar-stuffed-burgers These were ok. Nothing spectacular.  http://www.southbeachrecipes.com/diet-recipes/crunchy-parmesan-mustard-pork-chops These were pretty tasty. I used regular (GASP!) italian seasoned breadcrumbs because thats what I had in my pantry.

I really think the new recipes are going to help keep me going with this journey. By eating foods that I enjoy, it doesn’t feel like a diet. And since this a lifestyle change for me, that is perfect! I am compiling all of my recipes so that I can make a recipe book. It will be organized by SB Phase 1, SB Phase 2 and then ones that are kid-friendly but not necessarily SB friendly (I try to find new recipes for my little one too, although all the SB recipes have been perfect for him too.) Yes, I enjoy organizing. I love to plan. Its a sickness. I know.  (Case in point – a BFF is preggo with her first, due in mid-March and I have already started a folder with ideas for her baby shower. The theme is already decided on.) My DH makes fun of me for this.

On the clothes front, I am now a perfect size 10 and wear medium shirts. The shirt part is pretty exciting as today I am wearing a button up short sleeved, collared shirt in MEDIUM. This is a wonderful thing because my upper arms have always been really big and I have always had to buy this style shirt in a larger size to accomodate my arms. I didn’t have to do that this time!  This weekend I gathered all my pants that I really like that are now to big for me and I will be taking them to the tailor this week. Some of them go with some pretty nice suits, so they aren’t really replacable.

My Jazzercise place was closed for repairs all last week so I haven’t been in awhile. I will only get to go 1 night this week because of various schedule conflicts 🙁 I did do a butt routine from Excercise On Demand this weekend and my buttcheeks hurt for 2 days afterwards so that is a total WIN!

I’ll try to be better and updating! Thanks for reading!


Recipe update

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I made the previously mentioned recipes this weekend and they were a hit with the whole family! I was able to freeze some of both of them for future lunches for me and for little one.  The recipes are perfect for a toddler as they are healthy, tasty and soft. This weekend I will be making Texax Beef Sandwiches and Chicken Marengo from the same website as the previous recipes. I will post links/recipes later.

Today was weigh day (I weigh in at work and was out Monday and Tuesday morning, normally I weigh on Mondays.) I was down .8 pounds. Not terrible considering I ate 2 flatbread pizza things on Monday (not many healthy choices at amusement parks). To reach my goal of 140 by 12/31/10, I will need to average a loss of 1.27 pounds each week for the rest of the year. Wish me luck with this!

DH and I spent Monday at a waterpark. I walked around in my bathing suit all day and I didn’t feel bad about it. Yay!! I count that as a victory! We had a really good time. DH lost his wedding band in one of the pools though. The park said they would contact us if they found it, but we haven’t heard anything 🙁

New recipes

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I have decided that I am going to start trying different recipes on the weekends. We eat essentially the same items in a rotation. So today I decided to search for some South Beach friendly recipes and start trying them out each weekend (just no time during the week.) This weekend I’m going to try a Taco Stew http://www.southbeachrecipes.com/diet-recipes/taco-stew and Cheesy Baked Ziti http://www.southbeachrecipes.com/diet-recipes/cheesy-baked-ziti. (I hope it is okay to re-post those links.) Both recipes sound quite tasty, so I’m excited to try them. My 13 month old should be able to eat both with no problems also.  I like introducing him to new and healthy food options!

It’s a Tuesday

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Not much to update today. I was down a small amount at my weigh in yesterday morning. I have been feeling quite lax in eating lately, not really eating bad but not great at the same time. So I ordered the updated South Beach book yesterday for a refresher course and added motivation. I think I may revert back to Phase 1 in a few weeks (SB has 3 phases – #1 – for 2 weeks, no carbs or sugar #2 – until goal, limited carbs and sugar #3 maintenance, enough carbs to maintain.)  I just want to keep from plateau-ing.

Bathing suit pic!

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While I can not say that I am in love with how I look in my new bathing suit, I don’t hate it at the same time. So that is definitely progress!!!  Not cringing at the sight of myself in a picture at all is a real improvement.


To start

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Welcome to my Weight Loss Blog!  This will be a place to list my motivations, successes, weaknesses, and aggravations.

To start: my is Jenn. I am currently 28 years old and married to a wonderful man. We just celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary. We are the very proud parents of an ADORABLE 13 month old son. He is my world.

I have always had trouble with my weight. I attribute this to unhealthy eating/exercising habits established for me by my parents, which turned into a lack of self-control on my part when it came to food and working out. In high school, I was the fat cheerleader. I hovered around 200 through most of my highschool days. Between my sophomore and junior years, my mom and I moved across the country to start a new chapter in our lives. Around that part I slowly started losing weight, but was not technically dieting and therefore never weighed myself. The loss continued slowly for a few years. I still never weighed, but my guess would be that I got down to 160-170. I then met and married my first husband. And as people in relationships tend to do, I stopped watching what I was eating and gained weight. The marriage went south quickly and I ended up moving back to my home town to get out of my current situation.  I met my now husband after swearing off men for a year. 6 months later I moved back accross the country, because that is where I wanted to settle and really start my life. 2 months later, he followed me. He moved accross the country, sight unseen, for me. 4 months after that, we were engaged. 7 months after that we were married at the courthouse. 3 months after that, we were staring at a positive pregnancy test. The pregnancy was planned so we were both ecstatic! Getting back into a steady relationship again caused a weight gain for me. A month before we got married, I was around 195, so I read the South Beach book and started right away. I also started Jazzercise regularly. By the time I found out I was preggo (3.5 months later after starting SB) I was down 25 pounds. During my pregnancy, I gained about 28 pounds so I was back to my pre-SB weight. After I gave birth, the weight dropped off pretty easily for a few weeks. But that stopped.

Being a first time mom is hectic and overwhelming at times. I generally ate whatever was quick and easy. Fast food was my friend. I went back to work full time and between that, daycare runs and taking care of the baby, diet and excercise was the last thing on my mind. Well i was edging back toward the 200’s and realized that I needed to do something. I had no energy and with the little one quickly becomming a toddler a lack of energy would not be acceptable. March 1st we hired a nanny that would come to our house each day to watch the little one. I figured this was the perfect time to get back on the South Beach wagon as I would have extra time during the day and little one was becomming more independent.

I began at 191.2 on March 1st with an initial goal of 161 pounds. I was just doing the diet at the time and had not added a steady exercise routine in to my weeks yet. By July I was down 22 pounds. I decided it was time that I should start back at Jazzercise, and luckily there is a class about 2 miles from my house.  In a way I am kind of glad that i did it this way, as adding in the exercise has kind of giving my weight loss a kick in the rear and has helped to keep me motivated.

As of today, I am at 165.0. My hubby and I are taking a trip to a water park in a week and a half. I went to Target yesterday and bought a new bathing suit for it. It will be quite a success for me to wear a bathing suit in public! I will post pics soon.

My new goal is a total of 51 pounds lost. That will put me at 140. I hope to get there by 12/31/2010. I think I was probably in 5th grade the last time I weighed 140 pounds. That makes me sad.

Thanks for reading! I will be adding pics soon!