Last Chance Work out

13 Aug 2011 In: New Begining

Got up and had my milk and grapes, did 2 mile WATP and then did the 3 mile!! So proud of myself.

Had eggs and toast, banana and milk

cheese wedge for snack then went shopping with Jel, I got 2 new Betta fish, haven’t named them yet.

Had dinner at my Mom’s with Jel :grilled chicken, green beans, potato salad, and fruit salad.

Jel and I decided to walk around the block until it started to storm, then we went for a 2 mile walk after the storm. Very good workout day hope it shows on the scale in the am.

Had cashews, bagel, and milk for night snack.

Keeping it going

12 Aug 2011 In: Uncategorized

Well today was a good day.

Got up and finished reading Jel’s book, it rocks. Had milk and an orange.

Did 2 mile and then 1 mile WATP, ped for 15 min, then power walked my butt down to the library and post office as fast as I could, then picked up the baby. Had egg sandwich and ww crisps with milk and a cookie while I did laundry.

stopped by a pool party to see my Mom and her friend who is a nurse to see what the rash on the baby was (prickly heat).

ended up sitting on the steps of the pool while Mallory “jumped” in. She would count 3,4 and then jump while I had a death grip on her hands, boy did my arms and shoulders get a workout!! She learned how to float on her back with me hanging on to her hands over her head.

Came homa and had a banana and big salad with chicken on it. All my healthy guidelines are in for the day!

Tennis Pro

11 Aug 2011 In: Uncategorized

I had to get up at 8 am, had milk.

had egg sandwich with milk and a banana for breakfast

Played tennis for an hour with Jel, then walked.

chicken salad for lunch and 3 oreos

My back is really sore, prolly from all those swing and misses during tennis

had a small bowl of spaghetti for dinner now I’m trying to get the cranky baby to bed. Still need to eat a salad and its 10 pm grrrr

All day with Baby

10 Aug 2011 In: New Begining

Woke up and rushed to go pick up Mallory and when I got there I realized I was an hour early, so i went to my Mom’s. Had a salad for lunch with shrimp, scallops, and mahi mahi on it yum, milk. Ran some errands and now baby is napping and so is the BIG baby right in the middle of my gym! (ok the living room) boo. I’m supposed to do my circuit training on Wednesday and Saturdays.

Had ribs and sauerkraut(the end of it) for lunch with milk and grapes

I forgot to write anything else down..I actually don’t think I ate the rest of the day…I had 21 points left to eat..well i almost had all my good health guidelines in..didn’t get oil in:(

Cleaning Kick

9 Aug 2011 In: New Begining

I kinda woke up late. Then started cleaning out cupboards and drawers, top of fridge, top of dresser,and the desk. Until I started not feeling well, oops forgot to eat.

Milk, grapes, and chicken salad sandwich.

Then I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom. I didn’t get to do any set exercise but I was on my feet and sweating hard all day. had spaghetti for lunch, then went to Jen’s and was running back and forth up and down her stairs, and assembled a bassinet.

Had ribs, sauerkraut, and apples for dinner and a large glass of milk. Cookies for snack, almost out I will have to make a new batch.

ww english muffin

On a roll

8 Aug 2011 In: New Begining

I bought a new scale, so my new weight is 319.2. that will be my official weight for yesterday morning.

Had milk and grapes before my work out.

2 mile WATP. and then did the 1 mile WATP twice because I had to keep pausing it to answer the phone so the first time it took 38 minutes to do the first time..but I kept moving while on the phone. so it was a nice 60 minute WO.

yogurt and cheese wedge after WO.

ribs saurkraut and apples for lunch and a cookie

chicken salad sandwich then did another 2 mile WATP!!!

treated myself to some pizza rolls

Weigh in day #2

7 Aug 2011 In: New Begining

Down 3 pounds!!! Go me! I beat Jel on the weight loss % this week so she has to cook me dinner.

Hopefully she wont be serving suspicious plants of any kind

I woke up and did the 3 mile WATP for the first time, ouch it was hard. Then back to Hospital to see my friend. Picked up a salad on the way home and made pork chops, baked potatoes, and “fried” apples for me and Jel.

grapes, lots of milk, hash browns, sausage,eggs, and 3 bites of cake.

Another long day

6 Aug 2011 In: New Begining

Well woke up and had my milk, then got a phone call my friend was in labor, water broke, and was on the way to the hospitol.

I grabbed 2 bananas, 2 cheese wedges, ww cookies and a yogurt. Got all my water in.

got back from the hospitol in time to meet the fam for dinner again. ribs and shrimp, potatoes, baked beans, 2 small peices of calamari

oh and the yummiest lobster bisque!

Not a good meal the night before weigh in so we might go off of todays….which means i would be down 2.2 pounds

Stupid internet

5 Aug 2011 In: Uncategorized

OMG I’m sick of my internet going out all the time..Anyway..

had a good day, started off with a 2 mile WATP brisk walk dinner with the fam and then a walk with my daughter.

stayed on plan all day

too tired to type more

Kicking a** and taking names..

4 Aug 2011 In: New Begining

Well off to an awesome start of the day!!

Had milk before my workout

2 mile high calorie burn WATP, Jillian Michael’s 6 circuit training dvd, 1 mile WATP it kicked my a** but I feel great, my shoulders are pretty sore

Chocolate milk after workout..yogurt amd cheese wedge

grapes,salad, tilapia, baked potato, and ww cookies

cheese wedge

My shoulders feel better but I pulled something in my knee, been putting ice on it. I think I will only do cardio tomorrow.

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