Jel and Mommy Time

23 Aug 2011 In: New Begining

Guess how I started the day? Yup with banana and milk

Had some tuna salad while waiting for Jel to get here to workout

We did the 3 mile WATP and then the 1 mile (I did the whole thing she came and went)

Then we talked for hours til she had to leave for sailing:(

Had yogurt and cheese wedge after work out

mashed potatoes in mushroom sauce and milk

rice and garlic bread

Worked My Behind Off

22 Aug 2011 In: Uncategorized

No baby today so I worked out for an hour and a half. I did the 3 mile WATP and then the 1 mile crunch style with 5 pound weights…my chest is saying “are you fricken crazy! Stop that!”

I was so energized I also cleaned for 3.5 hours: sweeping, swiffering,mopping, dusting, straightening, organizing, did dishes, cleaned fish bowls, went cobweb hunting, shook rugs and more. I sweated more cleaning then I did during my workout LOL.

Banana and milk

yogurt and cheese wedge

tuna salad (I made and it is awesome) sandwich and milk

The BF is bringing home broccoli chicken for dinner yum!

At least it is a loss

21 Aug 2011 In: Uncategorized

Well I’m only down .8 today. I just didn’t work as hard this week. That must not happen again! WE have a very important incentive looming in April/May 2012. Time to dig deep and give it my all (like the first few weeks).

Milk and banana

salad with steak and veggie roll

turkey, mashed potatoes, and corn

Well in other news I have made it 30 days without pop or fast food!! Yay!

I Have the Day Off!

20 Aug 2011 In: New Begining

Woke up this morning and had a text that I don’t have to babysit today woo hoo! Finally some nice quiet alone time. We are also on day 2 of the happy happy thoughts and good vibes! Jel and I are very excited.

Milk and banana

Eggs and toast

tilapia and baked potatoes

goldfish crackers and cream cheese

half a pop tart boooooo

no work outs to speak of

Why am I awake??

19 Aug 2011 In: Uncategorized

Ok not cool, I went to bed a 5 am (bad Mommy!) and now I’m wide awake at 10:30 am!! GRRRRRRR

So drank my milk and ate a banana, shocking! Gotta stay with the program today, weigh in day is looming *loom loom*. I just cannot go backwards on the scale, I am trying way to hard for a loss and if I don’t loose every week i will be deflated! Yes, I know I know, at least I’m trying and getting healthy but I have to see it to stay motivated. I can feel areas tightening up under the flab, I should have taken measurements before I started. I have to rely on how my clothes fit to tell if I lost inches.

Had eggs and toast for lunch then off to get the baby.

Went for a short walk then food shopping with Jel

dinner was chicken with whole wheat pasta…it was ok

ice cream for dessert which we had to walk to go get.

Just a Busy Thursday

18 Aug 2011 In: Uncategorized

Milk and banana in the am

Did 3 mile WATP and the 1 mile with 3 pound weights. Cheese wedge and yogurt.

Went to boat club for tuna salad sandwich and potato salad

35 minute walk with Jel

Subway for dinner, half ham and turkey, half steak yummy

almonds for snack

Gotta Do Better Today

17 Aug 2011 In: New Begining

Started the day with milk and banana…gee what a surprise, but I have to do this every morning so I can take my vitamin and blood pressure med.

Did the 3 mile WATP (dance version) then had a cheese wedge and a yogurt

Salad for lunch with chicken and egg

walked to family dollar with Jel and the baby

dinner was chicken, grilled potatoes, and broccoli

cookies for snack

feels good to be back on track!!

Such a Sucky Day

16 Aug 2011 In: Uncategorized

Didn’t get any exercise in today, and ate off plan. Don’t know why I’ve been in a funk all day. Just so tired.

Guess who’s cooking dinner

15 Aug 2011 In: New Begining, Uncategorized

Jel has to cook me dinner cuz I lost the higher % of weight for the second week in a row! Go ME!

Milk and Banana


feta stuffed chicken, baked potato, milk


So haven’t got my points in today..played tennis (horribly) with Jel. I didn’t have any protein for breakfast and so I was tired all day.

Weigh In day #3

14 Aug 2011 In: New Begining

Down to 313.8!! YAY that is about 6 pounds this week.

Started the day good but dinner out with the family is looming…

milk and banana

eggs, toast, and OJ

half of a banana, half a cup of spaghetti (the baby didnt eat all of hers)

bagel with oil

Dinner at Michigan Bar & Grill: chicken paradiso, PB pie, and small piece of bread with butter

All in all it wouldn’t have been bad but I got hungry later and ate a bowl of chex with raisins AND 2 pieces nof pizza WTF was I thinking

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