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Ok for some reason everyone is getting on my last nerve today. Someone was annoying me today and all I could think of is if they didn’t get away from me I’m going to strangle them..I mean seriously it was like a physical urge..so starnge and a little scary.

On a happy note I made it to the grocery store last night and stocked up on fresh fruit and veggies yay! I didn’t get to start my food plan yet though but I ate better today.  I woke wanting to go for a walk but was interrupted so i didn’t. Well tomorrow is a new day so we shall see how it goes.

What Happened

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Ok I was doing so well..then school started and BAM! I fell completely off goal. I havn’t been on since Labor Day weekend. Once again, I’m starting over.

Step one: clean out junk food..fill with healthy food

Step two: MOVE my fat a**

Step three: inspire myself

Ok that’s not so hard right?

A lot has changed since September..Mainly I moved out of my BF’s apartment and back home with my daughter. That should make things easier since she is losing weight also. She is like a live in personal trainer. I am actually happier now then I have been in a long time. I was miserable at his house and even though my daughter hates me being here I’m still happy. I feel bad for her losing her privacy but I keep to my room (to stay away from the cats) and I can pretty much sleep through anything(fan running) so it’s not like she had to make too many concessions. Besides I love how she pops into to  my room to tell me something funny or bin her cosplay costums.

On the Bf front..we broke up when I told him I wanted to stay at my house a few days a week..he said well I should just move out completely. Well I cried when he told me that but in my heart I know why. He was itching to use again. Well guess what..We are broke up and it is not my problem anymore!!! It is not my job to save him. He needs to be a grown up and take his medicine on his own (which he hasn’t been able to do in 20 years without someone reminding him everyday. Sadly the man is 41 and I was the only one ever to get him to take it on time. Again not my problem anymore. He called the other day and we talked and he admitted to drinking again, I asked if he was going to a meeting and he said he hadn’t been but needed to go and start all over. I said that would be good for him. Short band simple that is all I can do. I know him well enough to tell his heart wasn’t in it and he wasn’t ready to stop. It is sad but it is not tearing me up like it used to.

So that’s about it for now..gotta go update my current weight eeekkksss.

Six pack

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Yes I am pretty sure under all this flab is a six pack trying to get out! Happy happy weigh in day..down 4.6 pounds! YAYYYY!!! 308.2 gooo meeee!

Milk and banana, eggs, hash browns

yogurt and cheese wedge after I conquered the 4 mile Super challenge WATP.

salad and a tuna sandwich


2 chili dogs and half an elephant ear, and fries

yes I know bad way to end a good day (start of new week) but it is in my points.

Doing good!

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Worked my a$$ off today! Had milk and banana, then did the 3 mile WATP, followed by the 2 mile, and then the 1 mile. Had 2 chili dogs for lunch and a salad later. Cleaned around the house then walked up to the park again. Had a veggie burrito with a little hamburger in it. My goal for tomorrow is to be  309, I’m positive i did it and would be happy if I lost more.

yup, I rocked today

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Slept in today, but then I was on a roll. Had milk and did my first workout: 3 mile and 2 mile WATP using 2 pound weights for the 2 mile.

Had eggs, banana, turkey sausage (blah), and hash browns.

Greek yogurt and cheese wedge

Went to Mom’s to do laundry, Jel and I were going to play tennis but it was 92 degrees with 99% humidity. We did turbo jam instead..wowzie it kicked my butt. Jel made chicken and potatoes on the grill yum. Then we walked up to get ice cream.

Later I walked up to the park and also did a 20 minute ab workout!

Very good day!

Busy busy!

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Ok so I havn’t been posting for a few days, but in my defense someone *cough Jel* hasn’t been reading them so there.

I have been babysitting a lot and I did go for a walk with Jel on the 29th. Yesterday (8/31) I did 2 mile WATP and the 1 mile with 2 pound weights and had the baby all day and night. Jel came over after I got out of school today and we hung out, now I’m Hedgie sitting over night!

Got all my good health guidelines in today, yay! and feel pretty good. I need to rock the weigh in on Sunday!

Hopefully Tomorrow we can get back on track

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Garage sale is done til next month, no workouts today:(

smoothie, banana

orange chicken, rice, egg roll

steak, potato, salad

hot dog, milk

Another none work out day

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Well we had the garage sale today, sweated my butt of, but no work outs. Had a smothie for breakfast (gasp) grilled chicken sandwich and fries for lunch

ribs, potato, and green beans with a salad for dinner

hot dog for snack

milk 3 times today

half a banana

First day back to school

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Had milk when I got up…no bananas (they are still green)

went to school from 11-3:25 then stopped and got to fresco bean burrittos

worked in the garage then had subway for dinner


Well that is about it for today, i’m tired and still full. Will have some milk before bed though.Gotta get up early for garage sale booooo.

My workout schedule got all messed up..I hate real life sometimes. I do better when I don’t have to go anywhere and I can workout for as long as I want and no rushing. Oh well busy weekend ahead.

One Boring Post

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Milk and half a banana to start, skipped breakfast.

tilapia and baked potato for lunch

chicken and redskin potato for dinner

Did not get anything accomplished today:(

pb&J for snack