Ok not cool, I went to bed a 5 am (bad Mommy!) and now I’m wide awake at 10:30 am!! GRRRRRRR

So drank my milk and ate a banana, shocking! Gotta stay with the program today, weigh in day is looming *loom loom*. I just cannot go backwards on the scale, I am trying way to hard for a loss and if I don’t loose every week i will be deflated! Yes, I know I know, at least I’m trying and getting healthy but I have to see it to stay motivated. I can feel areas tightening up under the flab, I should have taken measurements before I started. I have to rely on how my clothes fit to tell if I lost inches.

Had eggs and toast for lunch then off to get the baby.

Went for a short walk then food shopping with Jel

dinner was chicken with whole wheat pasta…it was ok

ice cream for dessert which we had to walk to go get.