Well today was a good day.

Got up and finished reading Jel’s book, it rocks. Had milk and an orange.

Did 2 mile and then 1 mile WATP, ped for 15 min, then power walked my butt down to the library and post office as fast as I could, then picked up the baby. Had egg sandwich and ww crisps with milk and a cookie while I did laundry.

stopped by a pool party to see my Mom and her friend who is a nurse to see what the rash on the baby was (prickly heat).

ended up sitting on the steps of the pool while Mallory “jumped” in. She would count 3,4 and then jump while I had a death grip on her hands, boy did my arms and shoulders get a workout!! She learned how to float on her back with me hanging on to her hands over her head.

Came homa and had a banana and big salad with chicken on it. All my healthy guidelines are in for the day!