Must have an awesome on plan day today to off set the fair food..corn dog, cheese sticks, fried candy bar.

Since I am on WW its easy to fit this one day splurge into the plan..but that means being very good the rest of the week. With lots of exercise!

nana and milk, cheese wedge, yogurt

2 mile WATP, 1 mile WATP, and walking around the fair

Corn dog, 2 mozzarella sticks, and deep fried snickers

played tennis (with a few jumping jacks)

salad and 6 inch H&T sub from subway

grapes, cheese wedge, milk, 2 ww cookies,

I had planned on just using my weekly points for the fair food but after I got my healthy guidelines in I still had 12 points to eat..not hungry so I switched the candy bar and corn dog to my daily points.

drank enough water to fill a pool today.