Rome part Due

12 Nov 2012 In: Uncategorized

Rome was AHmazing, haven’t walked that much since NYC 2006!! I did lose about 15 pounds before we left, which made a huge difference. We saw a lot it such a little time, Pompeii, The Vatican, The Vatican Museum, St. Peter’s Basilica(my favorite), The Pantheon, The Sistine Chapel, Roman Forum, The Palentine, Circus Maximus, the Colosseum, and sooo much more!

So, I am taking the momentum from the 15 pound weight lose and I am going to keep going.

Rome if you want to…

20 Jul 2012 In: Uncategorized

Back on track..again..

I have gone to the gym 3 times this week doing an hour of cardio each time, bike and treadmill. Tonight I also did a couple thigh machines. Jade and I are going to Italy in 9 very short weeks!! I want to lose 30 pounds before we leave. In the meantime we are moving. I can’t take home ownership any more it is just too much work and money.

A broken toe? Are you fricking kidding me??

5 Mar 2012 In: Uncategorized

Just getting over the pinched nerve and headed to the gym..WHAM!! Stub my toes on a canister vac. Pretty sure my middle toe is broken. Well I ignored it and went to the gym. Did 15 minutes on the treadmill, my upper body workout, then 40 minutes on the bike. When I got home (severely limping) I looked at my toe..swollen and purple oops.

I spent the weekend with my ex so of course I ate horribly. Will try harder tomorrow. Oh and the new guy..f#%k him.

I’m Still Working On It

29 Feb 2012 In: Uncategorized

Posts have been lacking. Everything has been lacking lately..mainly my health. After the food poisoning went away I got hit with a bad sinus infection and bronchitis. The coughing led to me blowing out a disk in my back and a pinched sciatic nerve. OUCH. In the middle of all this I have joined a gym near my house:) Itching to workout but can only do so much with the pinched nerve. I did finally get below 300…barely, so I need to work hard to keep it there.


5 Feb 2012 In: Uncategorized

Felt like crap today..kinda feels like food poisoning eeks. Went for my walk anyway..almost threw up a couple times. I did when I got home big time. Defiantly burned waaayyy more calories than I consumed. Weighed in this morning at 304…tonight at 302.2 Wow..still counting the morning weight as official. Had 3 parties this weekend too so I did excellent this week. Hope it keeps up, looking forward to that 2 on the scale.

Keep The Motivation Going

31 Jan 2012 In: Uncategorized

Woke up and went for a walk again outside. Nearly 60 degrees out in Michigan in January WOW. Went down every street in the neighborhood (did it on Sunday also). By then end my feet were on fire!! I think a huge blister is trying to form. I did check online for ways to prevent this from happening again. Found walking socks..$14 a pair ouch!

I didn’t weigh in till 5 pm but I liked what I saw!! 306.4 yay!!

..but I don’t want too!

23 Jan 2012 In: Uncategorized

Not a good start to my day stress and blood pressure through the roof..explination..NOT A FRICKIN CLUE! Just angry and annoyed at everything. WOW.

I was up at at 10:00 had to babysit 2 kids at 11:30, went food shopping..first thing too eat at 5pm..SMH NOT good!! I just did not want too eat anything!!

Ok, I’m better now. Had 2 tacos and mushrooms. Maybe I will have a salad later, and fruit.

I was hopping yesterday. i did the 2 mile then 3 mile then 1 mile WATP! Ate good, Go me!

Hanging In There

22 Jan 2012 In: Uncategorized

I woke up and took my pills with milk and almonds cuz I really didn’t want to eat anything. Then realized I need to weigh in..I’m back to 308.6 bye bye holiday weight.

I am seeing some one new, I don’t want to jinx it though. It seems the more people I tell the bigger chance it won’t work out. I really like him and think I could easily fall for him. Which is huge because it means I am very quickly got over the ex!! Enough was enough.

We have movement

3 Jan 2012 In: Uncategorized

Even though it was 20 degrees outside and a little windy, I bundled up and went for a walk around the park..go me! Did good on eating plan today, could have had more veggies though. I forgot my vitamin and blood pressure meds too. I watched the 2 year old today, man I miss when my daughter was that age! Guess I don’t really have much to say today, be back soon(i hope).

On Plan

1 Jan 2012 In: Uncategorized

On plan today with eating. I am sticking with Weight Watchers Points Plus because it has worked in the past (when I stay on plan). I went through the kitchen over the weekend and it is pretty much all healthy food. Fridge is health zone only! The only processed stuff is spray butter, dressings and condiments. Freezer is all meat, shredded cheese, and shredded hashbrowns. I do keep lite and fat free coolwhip on hand for light desserts. Oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat goldfish & bread, and graham crackers to cover the whole-grains category and snacks. Bring it on 2012!

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