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And here we go again!

Starting Weight: 173.6
Next Weigh-in: Sunday, August 7th
This Week’s goal: -1.5lbs
Detox: Day 9

So, numbers this week didn’t turn out to be as fab as they were expected to be, but it’s still a drop in the right direction and that is fine with me. This week I lost -1.6lbs, just .4 short of my goal =( lame. (Let’s blame TOM!) I’m wondering if TOM has something to do with it, or it might just be that I won’t be getting “high” numbers now that my starting weight is so much lower. What is typically considered a high loss for someone in the 170’s? Well, this week I’ll lower my goal and expectations and see if I can’t hit it. I can’t let my obsession with getting out of the 170’s throw me off. It might take longer than planned, but I still have to do it. This week I need to try harder =)

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This was an awesome week for me! On plan, and heavy training, even with all the Mama Drama flying around. My best friend had to come live with me for a few days because of some home stresses, but she’s a driving force in keeping me on plan and prepping for the triathlon which is THIS SUNDAY. Omg @[email protected] I’m sooooo nervous! But it is truly a day all about me and my accomplishments. I’m so happy that the people I love most have taken the time to come watch me compete. Even if I don’t finish first, even if my best isn’t enough, they’ll be there supporting me, making me feel great. And I promise to give it my all in return!

And in addition to all that? I’m down -3lbs!! I started off Pepa’s challenge at 174, but the day after I jumped up to 175. But now I am down to 172! I feel the 160’s coming soon and I am so excited! I think this week will be as good (if not better) in the exercise department, as I’m going to be doing full on triathlons at the Y lol. 12 miles of bike, .5 mile swim, and 5k run. Then on Friday and Saturday I will rest up and take my dedication to the garage for my neighborhood’s annual garage sale day. I’m hoping to make some money back from my room renovation. Wish me luck!

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New low: 177.6

Today I weight in at 177.6, that’s a -2lbs loss from last week, but I had been fluctuating between 178-182 constantly for a month, and it was really starting to bug me. I know it was because of the poor balance of bad eating and absolutely NO exercise, but when I saw that 177 on the scale today, and knew that I got there simply by how I was eating, I was relieved. I’m glad to have broken the 178 barrier, I’ve never seen “177” on the scale before. It comes at a good time, because I’m able to be more active now that my tat is healing. So I’m ready to start losing big again!

But I have to say, sorry I haven’t been around much :( and when I am around, all I do is bitch! School has really been dragging me under, and I simply cannot wait for April to be done and over with it. I need a summer vacation. News on the job front: a friend of my mom’s told me to apply at a bakery nearby, it is literally right down the road. She said they’ll be hiring seasonal work soon, and I would have two references, so maybe. It would be an awesome job because of just how close it is, I could walk there every day :D (now I’m getting dreamy about it).

My tattoo has cleared of scabbing and is onto peeling, thank goodness. The antibiotics seem to be working to combat the cellulitis, and I think all in all the art will come out okay. I’m feeling MUCH better, and I think I will be going back to the gym in a couple weeks. This coming week will be filled with studying. Joy.

I haven’t given many updates on my novel lately, but if you’re still reading out there, I have just completed chapter seven and it is posted on my dA. From chapter eight on, I feel like the plot is really deviating from what I had originally wanted, and I have very mixed feelings about it. Of course I want to like my own story, so I’m a little hesitant about plugging ahead with it just yet. I’m such a terrible plotter :(

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Why wordpress, why?

So I’m sorta in a poor mood today because my blog is apparently self-destructive. Logged on to update my exercise log only to find it had more or less deleted itself. Don’t even know how that happened. Yesterday when I updated it, it was perfectly fine. But today when I went, the menu was all over in my text box, and it erased all my history of my September-January workout days. =( I’m so sad about it. And since I don’t have any record of my February log, I decided not even to bother starting over. Maybe I’ll be more about it tomorrow. >.< I hope it doesn’t do this with any other page. I can’t afford to lose that stuff.

Oh, and my weigh in was 182.6 today. I’m actually really disappointed about it. Wednesday I weighed 181.6, so I’ve actually managed to gain a pound somehow. It really bothers me. And of course, the YMCA was closed Sat & Sun. ALSO aggravating.

I guess this is what happens when I spend an entire day doing work.

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Song of the Day: “Fiction” Avenged Sevenfold

Today was supposed to be a homework and study day, but of course, leave it to my jerk Anthropology teacher to screw me over… again. He should probably tell us that the secondary textbook is ACTUALLY REQUIRED and not optional when he’s expecting us to do a project on the material in it that is worth 20% of our grade. I have to give a 5 minute presentation on Tuesday on a chapter from this “optional” secondary textbook and I don’t even have the damn book. I sent out an email this morning to the other four people in my group asking if anyone had bought the book and if they could shoot me a summary of the chapter, and I haven’t gotten a single response. Let’s hope Monday holds some magic or it looks like I can say goodbye to my Anthro grade.

On the plus side, the A7x concert last night was really amazing. It was probably one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen, and I enjoyed myself even though I was in ungodly amounts of pain (mosh pits tend to hurt). But there’s a flip side to that too. This is the first time Mykul and I have really seen each other face to face since before Christmas, he didn’t say anything about me looking thinner or anything like that, but he did spend a lot of time touching me throughout the concert. So, what to make of that? Who knows.

It was an okay weigh in, a loss of -1.4lbs for the week. Not bad, but I can do much better. Hopefully once I get this presentation off my back I can refocus. My feet are absolutely crushed though @[email protected] so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to run until later in the week. I’m really just hoping for a miracle at this point, and praying this week goes by fast…

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