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Another fail!

Go figure. I’m somehow not surprised :/ today we had a Pure Romance party, and the party food was a real stick in the mud. Yesterday I didn’t do too well, but I didn’t do miserably. Still not proud of myself on either front. I did make an observation though, and that was noticing how particular foods make me feel.

When I eat garbage, I feel like garbage, and when I eat good, nutritional unprocessed foods I feel clean and energetic instead of bloated and gross. I need to remember that. The pleasure I get from eating those unhealthy foods is really just temporary. I like it on my taste bufds, but not on my hips and thighs!

Will give this another go tomorrow. If I can just have one good day… Work might throw me off again. Very hard to stick to plan when you spend 7 hours standing in front of bacon and cookies.


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