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So much yay!

I KNEW I had a good feeling about this week, but it was for an entirely different reason. So, for those of you aren’t on my facebook, the big news is…


My very first job EVER! I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! I start on Wednesday, and I? Am a professional sandwich artist at Subway ;D MARVELOUS!!! I just can’t wait, I’m really so pumped. I know that feeling will probably wear off soon, but right now, I’m thrilled just to be able to have work experience and a steady income. I sorely need the money, but not just that, some really awesome people work at this Subway, and not only that, but it is little thirty seconds down the road, and that is AWESOME. I think everyone wants to work close to home. I’m so, so, so, so excited!

And also, I am down 1 lb this week, which I think is still good, because my TOM started two days ago, and usually I gain between 2-4lbs around the beginning of my TOM, so I think that if I have still managed to lose despite my TOM, then I am probably lower than I think I am right now. So I’m very happy =) And I’ve been doing great this week! My diet has been decent, I’ve worked out in lots of different ways (swimming, tennis, awesome). I’m just so happy!

If I can survive eliminations this week, then I hope once my TOM passes I can put up a big number for my team!

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What a day…

Planned on just doing a bunch of school work today, but I ended up going over to my friend’s to swim. I realized how wonderful leisure swimming is for the body, I mean, you don’t feel like you’re exercising, and the time flies. We ended up staying in the pool for nearly FOUR HOURS. And for good reason, it’s been about 96 degrees here in Michigan for a few days now, and doesn’t look like it’ll be letting up any time soon. So, my bet is there will probably be a good few more swim days which is EXCELLENT for my diet. I think I burned close to a thousand calories, and let me tell you, I can feel it. I just got home about twenty minutes ago and my body feels like dead weight right now. I’m thinking about just laying down and passing out for the rest of the night, which wouldn’t be too bad considering I have to be up at 7AM for school.

Tomorrow is my last full day of Italian. THANK GOD. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed the class, but it has been such a huge stressor. Mostly because it’s an accelerated course, only lasting 7 weeks long, so it’s a lot of material to cover, especially since it’s, you know, all in another language. But not only that but it’s a 4 hour long class, and I have to get up at the crack of dawn for it, and that just wears on me. I dread going every day, but tomorrow is it! Then I’ll be on a much easier schedule, and even though I have to go to school the whole year through, at least I will sort of KIND OF have a summer “break” because my work load will be much more managable. Can’t wait!

Tomorrow I might try out the gym at my school for the first time. Usually I sleep in my car between classes, but at 96 degrees, I’d probably suffocate T_T so I have to find something else to do for five hours. But hey, no complaints, right? I need to start doing some hardcore de-poundage over here. My diet has been so-so, I planned on doing a detox, but to be honest, the Fat Smasher detox is so damn strict. I figure I’m just going to cut out certain foods for right now, and I’m really not beating myself up because I still think I’m doing a decent job, and hey, it’s only my third day. I’ll get better with time!

Hope you’re all doing well, and come on team! Let’s get them this week =)

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I believe in Kellin Quinn

So I’m home from my absolutely FANTABULOUS convention! It was seriously one of the funnest vacations I have ever had, and well deserved, I think. And as much as chowed over the course of the weekend (and then binging on the leftovers I brought home for the remainder of the week…) I won’t really beat myself up over it. Tomorrow my friend and I are starting a new program together, and I have faith that we are going to be successful.

But anywhoodle! Here’s a picture of my costume from con!

Hopefully next week I will be putting in an AWESOME number for my team =)

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Aloha girls! An update from your long lost soul sister

Pepa hath reawakened me! Actually, I’ve been meaning to come back and post, but haven’t found the time recently. But truth is, I haven’t been hiding from the blogs because of my guilt! In fact, for about two weeks now I have been entirely on plan. I did a 5-day Fat Smash detox, and now I’m in phase two, and not doing too shabby, I might add. And I’m still staying within my calorie range. So far I have lost 6.2lbs!

With Colossal Con coming up, I have been working my butt off to finish this costume (literally), and yeah, it’s the same one I was working on from forever ago, but seeing as how con is next weekend, I’m trying to get it all done. Procrastination ftw! But knowing that I’m going to have to be toting around this amazing costume, I want to have an amazing body (or at least, somewhat more amazing than it was). Sylvanas is a huge, huge motivator, and she has many a time stopped me from fatty fat binging. But don’t worry, I don’t intend on giving up as soon as con is over. Once I’m finish with Sylvanas, I have an even MORE demanding costume that I’ll be working on for the end of January, and I want to be slimmed down by then!

So, here’s me stopping in and letting you know I’m on track, and I’ll try updating more in my downtime. I joined Dysfunctional Barbie’s Biggest Loser Challenge (link in my blogroll), so if you haven’t already you should totally sign up!

Ci vediamo!

(I’ve also started hardcore studying Italian. Accelerated summer courses… remind me never to do THAT again)

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