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Con wrap-up!

I’m back from Shuto and back off to schoo :/ ugh. I know I can’t start complaining now, since I DID opt to go to school all year round… but next winter when I hold my BA, I will feel incredible for it. (This is me staying positive).

So, last week my phone crashed and I upgraded to a SmartPhone. I really, really love the thing. A lot. I hope I still feel like that when I see my phone bill. But then, it is everything I need in one, now I wonder how the flip flap I ever lived without it. I’m trying a new weightloss app called NOOM. Maybe the extra motivation will help me. My current weight is 182, and my goal is to lose 22lbs and hit 160. When I am 160, I will be the happiest person alive! But I hope to be back down to my old weight of 167 by June 7th. This is the home stretch to Colossal con at Kalahari, and I want to look SMASHING in my Sylvanas costume =)

How have you girls been?!

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Hey girls!

I have been so, so busy over these past few days! I REALLY got into the crafting spirit, and I’ve just been tackling all sorts of projects for my upcoming Lady Sylvanas costume. And not just that, but I have some news on the “Carnival” front! My brochures came in and they’re absolutely gorgeous! Just how I wanted them to turn out! I only wish I could have a bit more room so I could put all the nice reviews I received =) Thanks so much! I’ll post some pictures of them, but if you’d like a hard copy comment or message me your address or something and I’d be happy to send one via mail.

So, what else? Well, I think I did alright on Thursday. I did manage to get all my studying for my exams in, I finished my paper, and my portfolios, but let’s just say on the scholarship front, I don’t have much faith. Partially this is my fault for rushing in, but on the other hand, I blame the English department at school for being so poorly organized. First of all, they print up all these applications and the only instructions they give us are the ones printed right onto the application packets themselves. I got every single available application (just in case) but I only ended up applying for two, neither of which required letters of recommendation (so it said on the package). Well, come Tuesday night, two days before they’re do, I get a reminder message from the head of the department to all English/Film students with an attachment labeled “Portfolio guidelines”. Now… hmm, don’t you think that’s something they should have sent out a month ago when we got the packets, and not two days before we had to turn them in? Well, in these guidelines it said portfolios were required to have a letter of recommendation, and that any application that did not have all of the guidelines would be disqualified. Well, I didn’t have one because my application never told me to get one (unlike several other applications where it was clearly printed that you were required to have the letter) and I was like, well, a little late for that. So, you know, whatever. I might get disqualified because of a letter they didn’t tell me I needed to have.

Oh, and to make matters worse, I emailed the head of the department RIGHT AFTER reading that email asking her if the letter was required for the two specific scholarships I was applying for, and I got an automated email saying she’d be out of the office until the 14th! Our spring break started on the 8th, how does that make sense? And how can she be out of the office? She’s the one I have to turn in the applications to! And the next day when I went to do just that, she really wasn’t there, and her secretary knew nothing about the scholarships. Wow! So… discouraging… yep.

Well anyways, I’m just glad all that is over. I’m not going to stress about it since I doubt I’d get the scholarships anyways. Now I just need to focus on my weight loss again and Shutocon which is this Friday. I was excited about it, but I’m having a bit of an issue with my friend again (what else is new?), I’ll speak more on that next time because this is already a horrendously long post.

But blah! I just weighed in today, forgetting that my TOM starts this week and so I saw the bad number and freaked. But I’m pretty sure that’s because of TOM, and the past couple days I was craving bad foods. But I’m still going to give it my best this week. I’ve decided not to weigh in weekly right now, or anytime soon. The scale has just been a source of stress lately, and I remember when I started my journey the first time, I didn’t weigh in for a month so that when I looked at the scale and lost that big number, it motivated me to keep going. I don’t know when I will set my future weigh in, but before I do, I need to buckle down and find a new diet plan, because mine isn’t working for me. Isn’t it a saying or something that “What worked the first time, probably won’t work the second?” because I think that’s ringing true for me right now. What are your diet plan suggestions?

Alright, that’s enough babbling for me! I’ll leave you girlies with some pictures of what I’ve been up to!

Well first of all, I’m cosplaying Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, the Banshee Queen from World of Warcraft, this is her:





I have finished making the cape (might update a little bit later, but for now it’s complete):



I’m almost finished with the bow, I have modgepodged it with newspaper, and now it just needs a layer of paper mache claycrete and some paint. It’s not the same bow as in the picture above, it’s a different version because that one would have been WAY too complicated to make (I’m a super novice ;_;) and this one is difficult enough. This one has raised ridges, and the red Sharpie in this picture shows the designs that I will later have to paint on:

These are just my shoulders and pauldron patterns ^ (apparently I didn’t take a picture of the finished shoulder yet). I only have one 1 out of 4 done because the material I make them with (this godsend called Wonderflex, which is a malleable adhesive plastic when heated) is kind of expensive, so I’m pacing myself on buying it since I have till mid-June to finish this costume.

I do not have pictures yet of my bikini chest piece, which I started working on last night, it’s coming along okay, I guess. I was so happy with the right breast piece, but the left one turn out a bit smaller, and it’s bugging me. But I think it shoud still look fine even if it’s not totally symmetrical. And Wonderflex is so amazing that you can just reheat it and reform it whenever you want to. It’s an absolutely incredible material. Just wish it wasn’t so dang pricey!

Okay, in other news, my brochures!

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Exam Week

Sorry, not much time to post guys! I need to pump out a 6 page paper, study for exams, and work on my portfolio. But don’t worry, after Thursday I’ll be a free bird!! I just have to make it till then…


Wish me luck! See you Friday ;D

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Feeling crafty!

Hey girls! I’ve been a busy little bee these past couple of days, which is funny because Friday was my first rest day, HA! XD Well I DID rest from exercise… but not much else. I have done some progress report weighing in the past two days, and my weight seems to mysteriously be up ~2-3 pounds. Seems sort of suspicious. I mean, I weighed in at 179.6 yesterday, then today I’m 178.4… It seems weird that I’m here when my starting weight this week was 176.8. Maybe the 176 was a fluke? I’m really not sure. With the amount of exercise I’ve been doing, I did not at all expect it to go UP. Maybe I wouldn’t have a huge loss, but gaining? Hmm… any thoughs? =/ It is a bit discouraging, but I still feel like the 3700 calories I burned in exercise Monday-Thursday will show up eventually, so I’m not completely deterred.

I’ve also had something to keep my mind off of the number on the scale. I’ve been getting into a bit of sewing and crafting. Now, I don’t like making trinkets or jewelry or any of that sort (I tried to get into it… but it bores me to death), but I have recently started teaching myself to sew (I suck) and I am determine to entirely make my very first cosplay costume. So, I’ll be needing to make an entire set of armor, a bow and arrows, a cape, and uh… well, that’s pretty much it lol. So far I have started on the bow and yesterday I absolutely PLOWED through making this cape, and I am not going to lie, I love it so much. Maybe I’m not the best costume-maker, but as the first serious piece of a costume that I have ever made, I think it is coming along beautifully, and I am quite proud!

So I think today I will get back to exercising and in between I’m going to try and finish my cape and maybe go shopping. Anybody know where I can get cheap scrap metal and expanding foam?

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