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Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days! I just never feel like I have anything worth posting about =( and I don’t want to bore anyone. Everything has just been going pretty good lately, nothing too eventful. I’m really focusing in on my triathlon training as well as my writing and my friendships. That’s kept my pretty busy lately.

I’m steadily building up my time and speed in all three categories. Currently I can do 10/20 laps, although not consecutively. I still have to take breathers between. I can do about 5 miles on the bike no problem, and 1.25 miles of running. I think for January, that is a pretty good start. My goal is to be able to do a full triathlon by May so that come the real race, I will be used to the conditions, and know that I can complete all of the activities. My best friend Megan is doing the triathlon with me, and she has been an amazing model to follow since she’s been doing these races for so long.

Megan has also really been encouraging, and inspiring me to keep up with my creative writing. I was detached from it for so long, getting a little better during play writing, but ultimately scripts are not my forte. So Megan and I devised a little challenge for the both of us, to keep us on track. We both chose stories to write, and we’re writing them in sections of 3,000 words. We are giving each other deadlines and then we’ll swap stories and edit and give feedback. The best way for me to write is when I know someone is waiting eagerly to read it. And Megan has always been the biggest fan of my work =) We’re calling our challenge RSAPS or the Restless Still Alive Poets’ Society. And so far it has been working out really well! Deadline is this coming Wednesday, but I completed my first 4000 words this evening ^_^ and I’m really proud of myself for it!

My story is inevitably a romantic comedy. I’m currently calling it 2011 (for obvious reasons). The story takes place in the year 2011, where the idea of 2012 and the world ending has become a reality. For this reason, people have divided into two groups, what my MC christens the “Livers” and the “Onions”. The Livers do whatever they want, steal, loot, run rampant, under the belief that they only have a few months to live. The Onions try to maintain order, going about their business as usual and abiding to laws and societal rules. My MC is sort of in a neutral ground, not knowing what he wants to do with his last few months. At the beginning of the story he meets a boy named Tae, who is very much a Liver, and more or less “forces” my MC to follow him around and help him carry out all his dreams and desires =P Sound any good?! You can find the first 5 pages on my deviantArt.

Other stuff going on… I’ve been taking a real interest in fashion. I was never able to before since I didn’t fit in a lot of stuff, but now I can fit into cute stuff! And my grandma has been wanting me to look through her Avon books, and she offers to buy me clothes and shoes, so heck yes I will take her up on the offer! I’ve ordered a LOT of stuff, including some jeggings and two new pairs of boots which came in today. The boots are so freaking cute!


Well I think I’m going to get back to writing and hit the sack early! Good night all and keep with it! I’m proud of so many of you for coming back to your plans and getting re-motivated!

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Big News!


Song of the Day: “Ray of Light” Madonna

AWESOME NEWS! I just registered for my very first triathlon! It’s in June. The Iron Goddess. I can’t wait! I have some time to train up, and I am excited about it! Today at the Y I did a one mile run and a 500m swim. (Can’t you tell how excited I really am?) I didn’t even believe I could do this last week. Funny how your outlook changes, accomplishing something small can make you feel like you can do anything.

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Good Morning!


Song of the Day: “Two Worlds” Phil Collins

I’m in a good mood, and very much on. Last night my friend and I started speaking again after about a month long fight. Right now, I currently have 4/4 of my best friends once again XD feels good! Let’s try and keep it that way, ne? I’m also in a good mood because it is most definitely Monday, and when you start a challenge, and you want to get it in gear, it is really nice to have the Monday fresh-new-week feeling.

This morning I woke up and weighed in at 190.4, which means I’m back down after the 1.2 pound gain. Sunday was the first weigh in day I had ever gained. I think after nearly four months on program, and that being the first “recorded” gain, I’m doing alright. And the next day I’m right back down anyways! I had an extremely on plan breakfast and I even did my WATP DVD! Good start to my day =) My plans for later include cleaning, homework, and some serious Y time. I hope this feeling lasts, it could do me some good.

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Game on!

If you haven’t heard, Didi is hosting a Valentine’s Day challenge! The goal is to lose 10lbs by the 14th. I’m going to do it. I’m taking a leaf out of goodnuff’s book and being determined to be determined. I WILL do this. I have the powa!!! I’m also going to get myself OUT of the “debt” I’ve thrown myself in. I’m so frugal it’s not even funny, and when I take money out of my checking account I am so frustrated with myself that I practically grab the gun and drag myself out back. It’s impossible for me to pay it all back before the 14th of Feb, but I WILL be paying it back before I buy ANYTHING EVER AGAIN. =)

I WANT TO BE 180! *screams and kicks*




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I’m so whelmed!

Thanks all for the amazing compliments on my pictures =D you are all so sweet!!! It’s words like that I can use for encouragment and motivation to keep going, so I definitely appreciate it! And I’m glad that I can inspire you girls in turn, I want you all to be just as successful and happy with your turn arounds as I have been.

This post is just a quick check in; I haven’t had much time to post with school, and Megan has been here all weekend keeping me busy! Weigh in is tomorrow, and I’m not very optimistic seeing as how I’ve had some mega chow downs lol, but I did workout hard this week, so maybe I’ll get lucky.

I promise that I will get back to blogging and checking up with you all again soon!! Especially my Deederz who has returned full force <3 aww I’m so happy you’re back Didi!!!

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