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And Everything is Going to the Beat

Wow! Busy day today! I went to the 5k this morning with my best friend. No, I didn’t run or walk it, the registration fee was $20 and it put me off a little. I think it’s just badly timed. If it wasn’t the holidays I would have been more inclined to pay the fee, but since I don’t have a job, $20 is hard to come by, and I’m putting it towards my two best friends Christmas gifts, and that’s looking to add up to about $130 (I have $70 so far, hooray for my good saving skills XD). But the race was quick and fun, she didn’t PR but it was like ten degrees outside, and there were some snow flurries. The race was on a tree farm and they had the tastiest hot chocolate, omg! I did avoid all popcorn temptations =)

I discovered today that I really am “noticing” my progress. Actually, I noticed on Wednesday night. Call them some NSV’s: I had this old black jacket, midthigh length, and it buttoned down the front. Mostly my stomach and boobs got in the way, I still can’t button it up my boobs (I don’t want to because then it looks like I’m a drill sergeant or something) but it fit so nicely over my stomach AND my arms and it was always super tight on my arms! I was like WOW! This looks better on me now than when I bought it! And then today I wasn’t really dressed to impress, I was just dressed to be WARM! I had on some leggings and these Ugg like boots. I hate the Uggs (or however you spell them) but these boots were actually really cute! I had my hair in pony tails, which doesn’t happen a lot, and a hat on, and I looked so cute!! We even took some pictures, and I definitely wasn’t trying to look good in them, but they turned out nicely! And I was like holy cow! My face is slimming down!!

I was so happy about it!!! ^_^ I’m feeling great, great, great! It’s going to suck going back to school, but right now, it’s the only bad thing going on =P and I think that’s something to be proud of!

Jel diPep Challenge Corner

Tomorrow is the very last Jel diPep weigh-in =( hope you guys all come back and pull through this weekend!


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    didibuttonsley said,

    November 28, 2010 @ 3:04 am

    Yay for Jel! It’s good to know that you are feeling cute and fitting into clothes better.
    I can’t wait until this semester ends, and I get a month away from the madness. I am going to spend four weeks working out and swimming in the glorious ocean, so that when next semester starts I’ll be slimmer, stronger, and less likely to melt my brain in microbiology and A&P II.
    By the way, we’re gonna have to send a search party out for peppa.

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