Start Your Diet Today!

Another fail!

Go figure. I’m somehow not surprised :/ today we had a Pure Romance party, and the party food was a real stick in the mud. Yesterday I didn’t do too well, but I didn’t do miserably. Still not proud of myself on either front. I did make an observation though, and that was noticing how particular foods make me feel.

When I eat garbage, I feel like garbage, and when I eat good, nutritional unprocessed foods I feel clean and energetic instead of bloated and gross. I need to remember that. The pleasure I get from eating those unhealthy foods is really just temporary. I like it on my taste bufds, but not on my hips and thighs!

Will give this another go tomorrow. If I can just have one good day… Work might throw me off again. Very hard to stick to plan when you spend 7 hours standing in front of bacon and cookies.

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Detox: Day 1… again

This morning is it. Let’s see if I can do it. I’m going to take this one day at a time, because I know each day is going to be a fight, and hopefully in the future it will become easier. I just have to remember how badly I want this, and how good it felt to be healthy and thin. I don’t want to be self-conscious and uncomfortable anymore. I don’t want to hate myself or my body. I want to be proud of who I am again. This is the first step.

Promise to post again tonight!

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Why Can’t I do This?

Every time I tell myself “this is it”, it never, ever is. Is it because I’m just not looking for motivation in the right places? Is it because I don’t have time, or is that an excuse? I need to MAKE time, but I hardly know how. I need to find motivation, but I’m starting to think it’s a lost cause. I asked myself yesterday what was blocking me, and undoing all the hard work I’d gone through three years ago. I was a different girl then, and I haven’t been able to find her since. The truth of the matter is, I have forgotten how to love myself, and I feel like doing this for me just isn’t a good enough reason, because I don’t care enough about myself to make the effort.

How do you learn to love yourself? How do you find strength when you’re surrounded by fears and anxitiest and restrictions? I want to forget everything and focus on me, but that’s impossible.
I keep saying, “I’ve done this all before, I know how to do it”, and yet I’m still stagnating. How many more times will I tell myself, “This is it. This is the one.” ?

At this point, I think I need a miracle.

I read back on blog today, because I am desperately searching for inspiration inside of myself. A lot of these posts made me smile, made me want to cry, and made me remember why I went to such great lengths to shed the weight. But I can’t say that nostalgia is enough to save me now that I have put 30lbs back on. I can make admissions to myself, and promises, but they never work out. When will I be able to make this commitment? I’m going to try again. Try, try again. I’m so tired of saying it, so tired of typing it, and so tired of never following through. I’m tired of trying, but I’m going to do it anyways. So good luck, me. Let’s do this the way we used to do it.

I’m not going to count calories.
I’m not going to track my food.
I’m not going to be obsessed with hitting some crazy high calorie workout. I understand the science, but science isn’t working for me.
I’m going to take another leap of faith. Faith in myself. I need to have faith in myself.

My starting weight is: 197.4 on 2/22/13.
My next weigh in is: 3/1/13

No fast food till 4/1/13
No weighing in till 3/1/13
Please do this. You need to do this, me!

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New blog!

Alright girls, I’ve finally moved and restarted. Hopefully this new blog will bring better things in my life. I need a change of color and a change of pace! So please check out my new blog here:


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Busy Bee is Busy

Yeah, I haven’t been getting on much, or sticking to my program, like… at all. I’ve worked every day since I hired in, which is kinda awesome, because I’m a glutton for hours right now. I would love to work as much as possible, I just wish I would get longer shifts/less days instead of more days/short shifts. This coming week I only work three days, however, because Friday is Warped Tour =) Good line up this year, but as with most concerts, I’ll be happy once it’s done and over with (ahh Warped, y u so painful?)

But yeah, my diet has really suffered. I have just been eating whatever crap I want to, and I’m pretty disappointed in myself. Yesterday I weighed 182.8, today I weigh 184.8! And I don’t doubt that it’s a legit jump with as much food as I’ve been stuffing into my mouth. I really need to find the motivation to hit the gym, because I know that getting into a habitual exercise groove with help me not overeat, or at least to watch myself a little better. I also don’t want to get eliminated from TBL, so I’m really going to try these next to weeks to get below 180 (for the billionth time)!

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