Bikini Bound

18 Jul, 2011

Boot Camp Day 1

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Hi Ladies-

It’s been forever but I’m back from vacation !! it was amazing but now it’s time to sweat sweat sweat.  Since the beginning of the summer i was looking for a military style boot camp close to my house that i can attend really early in the morning, but all the places i was finding was $200+ a MONTH ! Then a couple weeks back i signed up for Gerie’s Bikini Boot Camp and have been looking forward to it since it was right after my vacation.  Then LAST WEEK..i get an email from with this amazing deal….4 weeks, 5x’s a week BOOT CAMP at the original place i was looking at….  i only paid $26.00 FOR THE WHOLE 4 WEEKS !! i couldn’t believe it…i got my friend Mary to purchase one too.  It was like it was meant for me…Both BOOT CAMPS started today and i feel great!  i woke up this morning @ 4:30am to get to 1st day of Boot Camp class at 5:30am…man o’ man…was it hard to wake up but thankfully Mary text me to remind me of our commitment to each other and ourselves. Anyways we get there, and i had a bottle of water and my i phone in my hand (i had 1/2 a banana on my way)…then Mary gets there and i see her lugging out a yoga mat. dumbbells, gloves…and I’m like WTF??? what are you doing?? she was like…didn’t you get the email about all the equipment we needed? i was like NO !!! thankfully today was a fitness assessment day and we didn’t need any of it-mental note– i need to head to Target after work to pick up all that stuff…so now it was time for the assessment.  i tell Mary…this guy can’t be too hard on us today…its only day 1….WHO WAS I KIDDING?? we do some stretching…and then he starts…30 jumping jacks….20 FASTER jumping jacks…10 more jumping jacks going the fastest…but the time they were over i was already light headed…we do more stretching then the guy tells us that we are going to do a 1 mile run, track our time and then do another 1 mile run when the 4 weeks is over to see our improvement.  I love running so i was ok with that…he says go…i sprint around the massive crowd in the beginning and dash for the front, i was probably #5 of 50 for a good amount of the mile run…the i started to slow down the last 1/4 mile, walked a little…had 5 people pass me…when i saw how close i was to the end…i BOLTED passed everyone and finished with a 12:22 mile…it’s not the best..but hey ! pretty good for me… and to know that it can only get better- is really exciting !

Then we do pushups and sit-ups…that was another spectacle in itself…being that I’ve NEVER been able to do a GIRL push up and even less a REAL push was pretty sad. I’m actually pretty athletic but i have NO upper body strength.  Sit-ups weren’t that bad…i did 31 in 2 minutes.  that was pretty much how today went, and now its 5pm and I’m sooo sore !! and I’ve been starving all day…this is what I’ve eaten:

1/2 banana

1/2 grapefruit

babybel light cheese

white fish ceviche-Lunch

1 green apple

Not bad eating but i still feel hungry.  Any recommendations on what to have before Boot Camp tomorrow?? i still have 1 more banana but i really don’t like having them, i LOVE them but i know they aren’t the BEST for you.

I will take some picks starting tomorrow 🙂





05 Jul, 2011

Feeling better…take 2 !!

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Hi ladies-

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. It was so nice to be off yesterday, the bf and I had a great adventure day. I love it when we just randomly drive and pop into bars and restaurants to have a drink or a small dish at each place we go. We’ve been craving crabs, so I took he to this amazing place called “Catch of the day”, it was so good!! We had a great dinner, then went to a hotel in downtown Miami where one of friends were staying to watch fireworks. It was a great ending to an awesome weekend. I was on plan as much as I could, when I weighed in today i was at 189, not too bad. I’m planning on going spinning in the morning.


02 Jul, 2011


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hi ladies-

Another crazy week.  No only did the bf get super sick last weekend but now im sick again 🙁 AND its my best friends bday party tonight and i am soooo conjested…we rented at this AMAZING miami beach hotel because we’re getting a couple bottles at this Club in Miami..its on the 50th floor, so the view is going to be awesome !!im excited but i hope i dont feel like crap- Good news, i went down to 187lbs, so thats 4 lbs down from 2 weeks ago.  I’m really not feeling well today so im off to take a nap and try to sleep and feel better.

Have a fun & safe 4th of July weekend !!!



22 Jun, 2011

Hump Day !!!

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Hey Ladies –
I finally feel 100% better ! Yay, thanks Gertie for your response to my healthy & manly post. I made a nice, easy and pretty healthy dinner. BF wanted Carne Con Papa (beef stew) pretty much it’s stewed beef with potatoes- we usually have it with white rice and plantains. I changed it up a little, made it with brown rice and baked plantains instead of deep fried ones…gotta start somewhere…It came out really good, I served him a big plate full but only served myself 1/2 & the other half I put in a Tupperware for lunch tomorrow.
I stepped on the scale this morning 😡 it was bad 🙁 I cant kick myself that bad since I was sick for almost a week. I gained 1.6, so I’m at 191.6!!! The rest of this week and the weekend I’m going to do my best and get on a schedule. I need to do groceries, get organized and work on next weeks meal plan. So happy tomorrows Thursday 🙂


21 Jun, 2011

healthy & manly????

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So I’m here in bed watching Chopped on the Food Network…I don’t know if I’m the only one but I eat,sleep and dream about FOOD…no necessarily about eating it but watching people make it, watching people eat it…I am OBSESSED with it and this damn Food Network channel !! ANYWAYS…I need help!!! So the BF and I had a quick dinner…quick as in… DRIVE THRU!!!! I had a whopper jr and some fries…I seriously haven’t had BK in FOREVER, I feel so gross its terrible…I don’t feel guilty I ate it but I just feel BLAH…while taking a shower I was thinking, I need to find some good “MANLY” recipes that I can make for me and him but still keep it healthy.  He seriously will eat almost anything I make…but if it resembles anything “diety” he mentally thinks it’s not going fill him up…etc…. I don’t know…any suggestions??

21 Jun, 2011

Lost & Found !!

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Hi Ladies

It’s been so crazy & hectic this past week I havent had a second to breathe !!

 Last week I was at a 4 day seminar for work, it was ALL DAY LONG.  It was an amazing time but mental exhausting, the food was boring hotel food for breakfast and lunch-then on Tuesday I had a HUGE scare- I had the WORST pain in my right eye, it felt like I got punched and I was in so much pain. Wednesday it was still there and was getting worse so I went to the eye DR and thankfully nothing was wrong but he said that it could be a symptom of a lingering migraine….sure enough on Thursday… exactly what it was, I woke up with the worst head ache and a fever, I still had to go to the seminar since my company paid for it, but thankfully we got out early. I was home in bed by 5pm.  Friday was I came home after work and went straight to bed, I literally was in bed all weekend- between my BF stuffing soup ,bread, and med down my throat i havent even thought about stepping on a scale.  On Sunday morning i went to breakfast with the BF and “the baby”  (he’s 6…far from a baby but he’ll always be my baby since I met him when he was 4) for Father’s Day and I felt soo nauseous and I couldn’t even eat, thankfully we had stopped at CVS before heading to breakfast and got some Excedrin and it finally starting kicking in.  Had lunch with my dad and the rest of the family, we celebrated my nephews 5th bday/Fathers Day BBQ style…I only had a corn on the cob, since i had reservations for dinner at this amazing place called Japan Inn, it’s a hibachi style place like Benihannas…it was soo good- it was my BF’s moms 1st time there and the baby LOVES it because they give him training chop sticks LOL …it was so nice. I finally starting feeling a little better yesterday morning but then I took a plunge for the worse when the migraine came back, so my boss sent me home. I felt like CRAP, I went home and laid on the couch the whole afternoon until BF got out of work, then I went to his house had dinner and passed out !


Here we are TUESDAY…literally a week later since waking up feeling like I got punched in the eye and I am FINALLY feel better, still a little congested  but I can actually taste my food…


I’m dreading stepping on that scale…ill probably do it tomorrow morning…


Hope everyone has a great day !!





07 Jun, 2011

last day of my stay-cation !!

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Hi Ladies !

I took a mini stay-cation and caught up with laundry, groceries, my DVR LOL.  I havent posted since Sunday’s BBQ and how it went…im happy to report that it was awesome !  There were sooo many temptations but i stuck to my plan as much as possible.  The best thing i could have done was to bring my own chicken to grill, i went to Costco and they had these amazing chicken breasts marinading in terkiaki sauce.  I had my friend butterfly them and grill them….they were soo good. take a look before they were grilled…

Monday was relaxing- i went to see my best friend Jenny who just had a baby last week, so i spent the day with her and her baby Jayden…such a cutie !! After i went to the mall did some shoppping then i went home, to run to my kickboxing class my kicked my @$$ !!! i felt so out of shape…but there is nothing better then the feeling of sweat- well i lie…there are A LOT of things better than sweating but it feels like its cleansing…am i the only weirdo who feels that way ?? LOL – ANYWAYS !!

Here’s my food log..


L-left over pepper steak and a little rice

D-more teriaki chicken with broccolli

Today- is my last day off before coming back to work, so i litteraly spent the whole day cleaning and doing laundry.  Yesteday was an OK food day…it could be that im just about to get my (.) so i was down to eat anything ! thankfully i hadnt done groceries so the only thing i had in my fridge was tilapio, garbanzo beans LOL and some left over frozen pesto sauce my daddy made me last week.  So i got creative and made pesto grabanzos that were baked in the over with some pesto tilapia…take a look…it was actually pretty good for lunch & dinner.

Tonight i have another Miami Heat BBQ, so im having some left over lunch for dinner…

Let’s hope for a Heat win tonight !



05 Jun, 2011

Sunday Funday !

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Hope everyone is having a great weekend ! The weather this weekend has been amazing…its crazy to think that it’s also hurricane season from now until November…FUN FUN…I took this picture at the beach, i swear its something from a Corona commercial.

Since starting to blog again im down 3lbs !!! im on my way to being able to wear my bikini for my b-day cruise, slowly but surely.  Last night i took my bf and his son to a Peruvian Chinese restaurant, sounds kinda weird but its AMAZING…the best fried rice ever.  I made the pretty good decisions by only having 1 spoonful of the rice and a 4 small pieces of chicken breast in a black bean sauce. i did cheat by having an INCA KOLA, i hadnt had soda all day, so i didnt feel too bad.

Tonight the Miami Heat and playing the Dallas Mavericks and my best guy friend is having us over for a BBQ to watch the game.  I always struggle with eating at BBQ’s but i hope to do my best and stay on plan !! i’ll take pics and post them tomorrow.


Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend !!!



03 Jun, 2011

The HEAT is ON…sort of

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Hi Everyone !

Well, thankfully today is Friday and the weekend is 2.5 hours away.  I just got back from lunch with my boss and one of my colleagues and we ate some amazing Peruvian food !  it was soo good !! i love sharing my cultures food because everyone falls in love with it.  While ordering today it took me back to my childhood days filled with carbs carbs and more carbs, between the fried fish and the creamy chicken it was a dieters nightmare !  thankfully i ordered what i thought was the “healthiest” choice but i did snag a bit the other plates to not deprive myself. I had mixed fish Ceviche and the others had Lomo Saltado (sauteed beef, with rice, onions & French fries) and Aji de Gallina (chicken and creamy yellow bread sauce)…sounds weird…but it’s DELICIOUS 🙂  If there is a Peruvian Restaurant in your area, definitely try it out.

Yesterday wasn’t terrible….

B- Apple

L-Turkey and Cheese Sandwich


D-1/2 of a Heineken Light and 4 wings…it could have been worse

My Miami Heat are in the NBA Finals and broke my heart with a sad sad loss…the BF, some friends and I went out to Hooters to watch the 2nd half of the game…then went home.

Not sure what this weekend has to offer but, ive noticed that i have been thinking before ordering so, i feel like I’m making better choices. 



01 Jun, 2011

New Beginnings

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Hi Everyone !

I am really excited about this new journey and way of life that i will be adopting.  I figured that blog would be something that i could hold myself accountable for and be completely real with anyone and everyone reading it.  I will be posting my daily consumption regardless if they are great or not so great, this is the only way that i feel i can succeed.  Also, there is nothing better than support from others that are going through the same struggles i am. 

So !! why am i here? what do i want to accomplish??  well there are a couple answers…

1st and foremost, i want to live a healthy lifestyle and actually stick to it.  I feel like every time i would start a diet…which has been pretty the much the 1st of each month for the past year…i would never stick to it.  This time, i need to hold myself accountable and will do it !!

2nd-my 10 year reunion is in exactly 24 days…AHHHH…i would love to get down to my high school weight or even smaller 🙂  My ex BF that i dated for 4 years is going to be there too…(we dated after college in 2005 until about 2 years ago).  The ex and I had been friends since we were 8 years old and went to elementary, middle and high school together…AND we havent spoken since the day we broke up….sooo that should be interesting….I will be going to the reunion with my new BF that i have been with for about a year and half, so I WANNA LOOK BANGIN !!!

3rd… i want to have babies… LOTS of babies…and i don’t want my weight to be an issue.

LASTLY…to be able to wear a bikini for the 1st time in MY LIFE!!!! on my birthday cruise in October…

NOW…my weight…

Since the beginning of the year i have lost about 20 lbs YAY !! but in the past 2 months….I’ve gain 10 back BOOO !!!

I am currently at 189lbs and would love to get down to 149 by my birthday cruise in October…so the magic number is 40 !! My short term goal between now and my reunion (June 25) is to lose 10 lbs, then between June – Oct lose another 30….I want to be under 150 for my 28th !

Tonight i will be doing all my shopping and will begin my blogging tomorrow.

I look forward to any support…i really need the extra push and motivation



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