A really amazing journey

Mad @ my bipolar scale

I walked another half a mile on the treadmill when I got home from church last night. I couldn’t make it to the mile because I now have blisters on the bottom of both feet…ouch! The clincher is that the scale didn’t move a hair…grrrrr! (207.2) Oh well, not one to be easily deterred…I shall persevere!!!!

The good news is that I heard from the IRS and they have accepted and are processing our tax return!!!!

Hope everyone has a great day/holiday!!

Will check back in as time permits!!


Got my exercise in at last…

I made a mile and a half on my treadmill before church…yeah!!  I hope to make another mile tonight and 1.5 again in the morning. They say we may get snow tomorrow…hope not…hurry up spring…I hate being cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will catch ya’ll tomorrow…Lord willing!!!!!!


Going in the wrong direction…what else is new???

I have this wonderful treadmill but with everything that has been going on, I just can’t seem to find the time to get on it….grrrrr. Hubby is over the flu (he lost 10 pounds in 3 days…not a great way to do it and he said he doesn’t recommend it to anyone…lol) and my finger surgery is over so MAYBE things will slow down and I can get back to my exercise and controlling my food addiction!!! I want to walk on the treadmill 2x a day. I know if I could get back to my walking routine…I can meet my first mini- goal of getting under 200 then it is off to my ultimate goal of 175. I AM GOING TO GET THERE!!!

As promised I am updating my scale results for the month of January (nothing to be happy over) remember I started off on January 1st weighing 209.2

January 8th 206.6
January 9th 206.2
January 10th 206.6
January 11th 205.8
January 12th 206.0
January 13th 206.6
January 14th 208.2
January 15th 206.6
January 16th 207.0
January 17th 207.0
January 18th 207.2

So basically in the last 18 days I have managed to lose a whopping 2 pounds….WOW!!!!! (sarcastically speaking, of course).

OK, I have depressed myself enough… time to go get on the treadmill!!

God bless!!



The specialist cut the growth off my finger yesterday and he said he will send it off as a precaution but he is pretty certain it is not cancerous…THANK YOU LORD!!

While I was glad to have the growth removed…it was horrible…pain-wise!!!!!! The numbing shot was the worst part. I still can’t feel my little finger…but that may be a blessing in disguise!!!!

Was not good @ eating yesterday but I blame that on the stress of the day…(gotta blame something).

Promise to try to get back to healthy eating and exercise now that the cancer weight has been lifted!

Will update weights shortly…I promise

My son in law has 10 stitches in his back  from more biopsy of the moles. He is in a lot of pain right now. At least my daughter doesn’t have to worry about mine any more!!!


Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!!!

God bless!!!!


Possible surgery today

Have doctor’s appointment today about my finger with specialist. Hope he does the surgery and does not send me to someone else.

My son in law had surgery yesterday (for pre-cancerous moles) so add that to mine and you know my poor daughter is stressed to the max!!

I am still confused by the scale and will update with my weights soon. Right now I gotta get to bed since it is Tuesday already!!

Would appreciate your prayers as I go here in a few hours!!!

God bless!!


My scale is bipolar!!

I am totally confused with my scale…and it is rather new. I listed my weights and lost 2 pounds. The next day I was showing the 2 pounds back and this morning I was down 4 pounds. I don’t really know what the heck I weigh!! Anyway the scale said 205.6 this morning…if that is my actual weight…I AM THRILLED!!!!!!!!

I have an appointment to remove the skin cancer on the 13th and have another doctor appointment with my shoulder on the 16th….busy busy busy!!

Hope everyone is making sufficient progress!!

My January weights (continued)

January 6      209.2 (again, grrrrr)

January 7     205.6

God bless!


Down 2 pounds as of this morning…yea me!!!

Hello Everyone!

My walk on the treadmill paid off …I was down 2 pounds

 The Bible tells us to forget those things which are behind (can’t change the past anyway). So the fact that I was down to 188 last year and I am starting 2009  at 209 is heartbreaking, but all the more reason to strive even more to reach my mini goal first and then my overall goal.

My weight chart so far this year is as follows:

January 1, 2009              209.2

January 2, 2009             208.8

January 3, 2009            209.6

January 4, 2009            209.2

January 5, 2009            207.2

The doctor’s visit was not as hopeful this morning. It appears that I have a form of skin cancer on my finger. I hope (and pray of course) that it will be the not-as-serious kind, though all cancer is serious. Would appreciate your prayers as they remove it,send it off and I get the results back. Hubby is still sick and goes to the doctor in the morning.

Hope everyone is having a great new year so far and are seeing results they are happy with.

God bless,



Hello Everybody,

So glad to see so many of my friends are returning to 3FC. I know you are here for the same reason I am….we fell off the wagon, lost our bearings and it is the new year and time to get back on track…..I am right there with ya!!

I told Alana Jo that I could have written her blog because she and I have been at this for 2 years and we somehow lost our way…but not permanently THANK THE LORD!!!

I reached my mini goal of below 200 and got all the way down to 188 pounds and now here I am back above 200  gggrrrrrr. I am keeping a weight journal and the Lord blessed me with a nice treadmill (at a thrift store for $30). I bought it last week and got on it for the first time yesterday (everytime I go to get on it, dh or ds or future dil would be on it…and you know I am not gonna fight for it…LOL!!! Well to make a long story shorter…I got on it last night for 15 minutes (not a lot but for a person with vertigo I have to take it slow and easy). Tonight after church, I did my devotions early and grabbed my new MP4 and headed for the treadmill. Hubby has the flu and ds had to go to bed early for work tomorrow so I had free course. I covered the display (all except for the distance) so I wouldn’t give up early,turned up my Gospel music on my MP4 and let it ride…I made a whole mile…for someone who has never walked on a treadmill, I was pretty happy with myself!!!!!!!

I am sure most of you remember my daughter (who lost 50+pounds and was my inspiration/pusher) this girl bought my hubby and me a 2 pound box of chocolates for our upcoming 27th wedding anniversary. She gave them to me the same day I got my treadmill. I left them in the van as long as I could without her getting offended, but I knew they would eventually have to come inside. Well I have had a few but been pretty happy with my resistance so far. I have a new weakness…those vanilla rolls you get from Aldi…ummmm! 2 of them are 140 calories and I could eat the whole can unaided!! I try not to get them but Sarah got 2 cans Saturday and I have had to have some…but they are not all gone….yet!!

Well off to bed earlier than usual because I have to go to the doctor in the morning (yuk) about a growth on my lil finger…hope it is nothing serious.

Just a quick update on Jade and DJ. They just celebrated their first wedding anniversary. I got her an album made; I didn’t do the chocolate thing to her like she did to me…. She is doing great in her nursing program. She has one more pre-req and she will actually start her nursing courses in earnest. Her hubby finishes up his second Master’s in March and has already enrolled in his doctorate program…this guy LOVES school!!    On another note…my one and only grandson is growing like a weed. Hard to believe he will be 2 in July. I have pics on my myspace  (www.myspace.com/jarjonja)   if anyone wants to stop by there. 

I hope everyone is getting back on track with the determination to succeed this time.

God bless!!!


The Loss of Cody

I am trying to be positive today but I lost my little chihuahua this morning after 12 years and it is sssooooo hard!!! I rescued him from an abuse situation when he was about 6 months old and he repaid me with 12 years of love and devotion.

As of today I have lost 2 pounds…probably from crying endlessly!

Hope everyone has a great day and is looking with great expectations to the new year!!!


God bless!!



This year has flown by!!

Wow…2008 is almost history!! It was December of 2006 when my daugter and I started our new relationship with food and how we ate it. Two years later I am disappointed with the fact that I have not yet reached my goal!!! I have no one to blame but myself and that is exactly who I do blame….me! I had a goal of getting to 175 by this Christmas of 2008 and I didn’t get there…I could have…I just chose (thru my bad eating choices) not to.  All is NOT lost though. I am still way below where I started. I was at my all time high at 285 and lost all the way down to 188 but as of this writing I am back up to 210 and HATING IT!!!! The recent good news (if any) is that I had allowed myself to get back to 220 at one point. I stood there on the scale and cried and vowed to at least get back down to below 200. So I am down 10 pounds and heading for my first mini-goal of 199. Once I get there I will head for my original goal of 175…which with God’s help and my better behavior I still plan to reach!!!

I am not trying to sound negative…except maybe to myself. I am just venting at myself and I figure if I can have a little accountability and moral support along the way…then those are always pluses!!

My daughter continues her constant weight vigil and has not gained any of her weight back…bless her heart!!! She fights it everyday…wish I had her stamina and willpower. Trust me she has been on my case constantly (God bless her) to make sure I do not allow myself to get back to that awful condition I was in when we started our weight loss journey.

I have a picture weight loss journey on my Facebook page if any of you are interested to see where I started from…the url is  http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?id=1142666618&ref=profile  scroll down and look on the left hand side for photos and there will be 11 albums  click on see all and go to my weight loss journey one.

I hope you all had a great CHRISTmas!!!

I am back and MORE determined than ever to succeed!!! LORD WILLING!!!!

So for those of us who have fallen off the wagon or are wavering…let’s get our goals back in sight and continue our war on fat and unhealthy lifestyles!!!!

God bless!!