30 Day Shred Dilemma and Calories Update

Today’s calorie intake:

Breakfast: 30g Special K with 125ml skimmed milk – 158 calories.
Lunch: Weight Watchers chicken noodle soup – 51 calories.
Snack: 60g carrot sticks – 24 calories.
Dinner: Half a Weight Watchers chicken chop suey – 150 calories.

Total consumed: 383 calories.


30ds level 2: 117 calories.
Treadmill: 440 calories.

Total burned: 557 calories.

Net: Minus 174 calories.

As you can see I took in much less calories today which will hopefully make up for yesterday. Unfortunately however, my mum has taken to examining the calorie content of all my food so at dinner she got angry that I was only eating half of my Weight Watchers meal (which was 203 calories in total). I was afraid she might stop me from using my treadmill as a result of this but suprisingly she let me alone. Anyway, I rounded up my intake at dinner to 150 calories although I suspect I probably ate less but it’s better to be safe and overestimate.

Today was my tenth day of 30ds level 2 and despite finding the workout difficult, I can feel myself getting stronger. However, I’m still unsure as to whether I should move up to level 3 tomorrow or not. In my experience, I didn’t push myself hard enough on the first day of level 1 or 2 because I was nervous and trying to figure out how to execute the moves properly. Now that wouldn’t be a problem but on Friday it’s weigh-in time and I want to get the most out of everything I do between now and then so I can see the best possible results. Therefore I may have to postpone level 3 until Friday when I’ll also be doing my couch to 5k running programme which ought to compensate for any problems with the 30ds.

In school today everyone brought in loads of cakes, sweets, chocolates and biscuits to celebrate it almost being the Christmas holidays. Even my friend who is also dieting at the moment took two Heros and tried to persuade me to do the same (to make herself feel better about it I guess) but I was more than capable of saying no.

Speaking of which, tomorrow is my final half day of school before the holidays begin which is great but also means that I won’t be eating lunch at school anymore. On week days, I generally throw out the snacks my mum packs for me to eat with lunch so I’m a little concerned I won’t be able to do that tomorrow. My plan is to bring the same snacks in for “break” but as usual chuck them in the bin at my bus stop so my mum carries on believing that I’ve eaten my 800 calories for the day. I’m not sure how I’ll deal with Friday because I will pretty much have to eat everything she gives me. This had better not jeopardise the results of my weigh-in.

I just tried on a pair of old jeans which I had grown out of and to my amazement found that they now fit me perfectly! I can wear waist 28″ jeans!! Wow.

Tuesday’s Update

Today’s calorie intake:

Breakfast: 30g Special K with 125ml skimmed milk – 158 calories.
Lunch: Weight Watchers tomato soup – 76 calories.
Snack: 60g carrot sticks – 24 calories.
Dinner: Weight Watchers ocean pie – 196 calories.

Total consumed: 454 calories.


Couch to 5k running programme – 120 calories.
30 Day Shred level 2 – 117 calories.
Treadmill – 440 calories.
Treadmill – 440 calories.

Total burned – 1117 calories.

Net – Minus 663 calories.

I guess on paper today looks good: I got loads of exercise and tried my best with the 30ds. Even so, my mum was watching me carefully again at dinner and I had to eat a whole Weight Watchers meal instead of just half as I usually do. I know it was only 196 calories over all but I feel so full and horribly guilty, I guess I’ll just try and eat less tomorrow. Still, it would help if she could get off my back for even one second!

Looking on the bright side, I was able to use my treadmill twice today because my mum went out (she generally only lets me use it once on weekdays). I had a bit of an argument with my brother though who threatened to tell my mum I was on the treadmill again but eventually he backed off. I love my family, really I do however sometimes they irritate the crap out of me.

In maths we had yet another Christmas pary. Pretty much everyone brought in the most unhealthy foods and there was even more pressure on me to eat than in Chemistry yesterday with chocolates, fizzy drinks, sweets, popcorn and crisps all being shoved in my face. But I stayed strong and refused everything. One of my supposed “friends” noticed I wasn’t eating and said “Oh God Izzy, don’t tell me you’re on a DIET!”, while rolling her eyes. I just smiled patiently and thought about how SHE could stand to lose a few pounds.

Another friend brought in candy canes, chocolate truffles and fudge for the class. I simply thanked her and brought my share home to “eat later”. I’m so proud of myself for overcoming all these temptations and proving above all that I’m stronger than I thought.

I am unbelievably stressed for Friday’s weigh in. If I don’t see 47kg (103.6lbs) on the scales I seriously think I’ll have a breakdown.

Bad Day :(

Today’s calories:

Breakfast: 30g Special K with 125ml skimmed milk – 158 calories.
Lunch: Weight Watchers chicken soup – 92 calories.
Snack: 60g carrot sticks – 24 calories.
Dinner: 3/4 of a Weight Watchers chicken tikka masala – 220 calories.

Total consumed: 494 calories.


30 day shred level 2 – 117 calories.
Treadmill – 430 calories.

Total burned – 547 calories.

Net: Minus 53 calories.

Well the title says it all, today was a very bad day. I had intended to do my couch to 5k running programme after school but the buses were running late so it took me an hour to get home and I just didn’t have time. Then my mum had another go at me for “not eating enough” and as a result I was pretty much in tears while doing the 30ds so I don’t think I tried my best which makes me really mad and disappointed with myself. I mean sure it was still hard but I wasn’t sweating like I usually do and I feel incredibly lazy now because I know I didn’t get everything I could have out of my workout. As if that wasn’t bad enough my mum also made me eat a snack of carrots and tried to make sure there was 300 calories in my dinner. She failed on that last one but 220 calories is still 20 calories too many. However, according to her I’m looking “drawn” and “ill”, talk about an overactive imagination! That’s what HEALTHY looks like woman, I see you’ve obviously never met before.

To make up for all this I tried even harder on the treadmill and succeeded in burning 430 calories but I still know that’s no where near enough. I’m physically sick with myself right now for how today has gone. I can’t believe I’m allowing her to sabotage MY hopes and dreams like this, it’s just so unbelievably unfair!

On a more positive note, at least my net amount of calories is still a negative number. And I was able to control myself at school today despite being given chocolate by two teachers and having a christmas party in chemistry with all sorts of cakes, sweets, crisps (that’s chips for all my American friends across the pond) etc. So many empty calories! I just kept repeating “47kg” over and over in my head whenever I felt tempted and thankfully I didn’t eat even the smallest cookie crumb. Hopefully I can manage the same acheivement in my maths class’ christmas party tomorrow.

My mum is going out with friends Tuesday evening so if I’m lucky I can make up for today by eating way less at dinner and getting in a second session on the treadmill. I’ll just have to threaten my brother on pain of death not to tell as he always goes running to my mum. Jeesh, that makes him sound like a spoilt little kid! But, believe it or not, he’s the same age as me (yeah, we’re twins).

Hopefully I’ll have better news to report tomorrow. Bye for now and happy Monday!

Motherly “Concerns” and Calorie Update

My calorie intake for today:

Breakfast: 30g Special K with 125ml skimmed milk – 158 calories.
Green tea – 1 calorie.
Lunch: Weight Watchers chicken, potato and leek soup: 96 calories
Dinner: Half a Weight Watchers chicken and lemon risotto – 200 calories.

Total consumed: 455 calories.


Treadmill – 422 calories.
Treadmill – 422 calories.
30 Day Shred level 2 – 117 calories.

Total burned – 961 calories.

Net: Minus 506 calories.

It was a good day food-wise I think. My mum was out for a few hours so I poured two yoghurts and a blended banana down the sink to make it look like I’d eaten more than I had which meant I was able to stay below 500 calories today. Yippee! However, I did want to go on the treadmill for a third time but instead got yelled into oblivion by my mum again: “You’re obsessed with exercise, you’re starving yourself, you’re lying to me about how much you’re eating, you’re losing weight too fast!” and my personal favourite: “You’re anorexic!”. So of course I started crying but apparently that only proved her point: “You’re emotionally unstable – you’re malnourished!”. So me bursting into tears is because I’m eating too little, not oh I don’t know, because you just shouted at me?
The end result obviously was that I wasn’t allowed to use my treadmill again. But I guess I still have a negative net amount of calories for today which is good so I shouldn’t be too upset. I’ve been doing everything I can to get back on my mum’s good side though: cleaning, washing up, taking out the rubbish, cooking for her and my brother, so hopefully she’ll let me alone for a while now.

At lunch my mum tried to make me eat a sausage roll and thankfully I said no. Do you know how many calories is in one of those things? Well now I do, 125. 125 calories – that’s more than was in my entire lunch. Just four of them would be equal to my target calorie intake for a day! And yet I saw my brother eat two or even three… Shudder.

The 30ds felt harder this attempt although it was my seventh day of level two – oh how time flies when Jillian Michaels is kicking your but! I think not eating very much today might have had something to do with it and the fact that I’d already been on the treadmill twice but I powered through and was super proud of myself for finishing.

Also,I think my body is adapting well to eating less. I know I’m not consuming very much at the moment (or at least, compared to what I used to) but I don’t get hungry so often and am satisfied with smaller portions. Let’s hope this becomes a habit!

My goal for this week is to lose a kilogram (2.2lbs) which would put me at 103.6lbs (47kg) although ideally I want to lose as much as I can before the holidays begin and I’m under my mum’s careful watch. I know I’ll see my weight loss grind to a halt or at least decline over the Christmas break. Oh well, it’s just two and a half weeks out of a whole lifetime, I’ll just have to suck it up.

More Baking!

I made brownies for the Christmas party my chemistry class is having in school tomorrow. They look (and I know from experience taste) absolutely delicious but I didn’t eat even the tiniest drop of brownie mix which just proves to me that I do have some self control and I CAN do this. Believe me, I can tell I’m going to need that self control in chemistry tomorrow…

Calories Update and General Rant

My calories for today:

Breakfast: Special K – 158 calories.
Snack: Banana – 105 calories.
Lunch: Weight Watchers tomato soup – 76 calories.
Snack: Weight Watchers raspberry yoghurt – 48 calories.
Dinner: Half a Weight Watchers beef hotpot – 200 calories (probably less, given it was 230 for the whole meal).

Total consumed: 587 calories.

Couch to 5K running programme week 3 – 120 calories.
Treadmill – 413 calories.
30 Day Shred Level 2 – 117 calories.
Treadmill – 420 calories.

Total burned: 1,070 calories.

Net: Minus 483 calories.

Finally, I got a decent amount of exercise today! But as you may have noticed I ate WAY too much and I am disgusted by myself. The reason? My mum actually thinks I’m eating 800 calories a day… Well that’s not strictly speaking true, she knows I’m eating less but she can never find out by how much. As a result, on the weekends I have to up my calorie intake so I can stay at under 500 during the week without her getting too suspicious. Problem is she hovers just over my shoulder every meal time checking that I’m eating her definition of “enough”. It’s that definition and her unhealthy cooking that got me fat in the first place! Anyway, she just finished up yelling at me because she worked out I haven’t eaten my 800 today and has said that unless I can provide “proof” I’ve eaten more tomorrow then I can’t use my treadmill. What treadmill I hear you ask? The treadmill that I saved long and hard for and brought out of the measly £8 a month pocket money I get. The treadmill I sacrificed buying clothes for (with the same £8 a month) even though I currently have about one pair of jeans and five t-shirts hanging in my wardrobe. The very same treadmill she was so keen for me to buy. It seriously does my head in. I mean here I am working my freaking ass off, getting actual results and all I ask for is a little support. She doesn’t even need to be proud, I just want her to tolerate what I’m doing. Arrgh it looks like I’ll be walking on egg shells for the next couple of days, I don’t know what I’ll do with her scrutinising my every move over Christmas. The holidays are suddenly looking a whole lot less inviting.

Mind over Matter

I just baked cupcakes for my family! Phew, that was harder than I’d thought it would be but I can proudly say that I didn’t lose it and scarf down spoonfuls of cake mix… Although I did lick some icing off of my fingers which I’m feeling incredibly guilty about. So now I’m off to do my 30ds workout for today to make me feel better 🙂

Weigh-in Number 1

My calorie intake for today:

Breakfast: 30g Special K with 125ml skimmed milk – 158 calories.
Green tea – 1 calorie

Lunch: Weight Watchers chicken noodle soup – 51 calories.

Snack: 60g carrot sticks – 24 calories.

Dinner: half Weight Watchers chicken curry – 200 calories.

Total: 434 calories.

Games – 300 calories.
30ds level 2 – 117 calories.
Treadmill – 417 calories.

Total burned: 834 calories.

Net: MINUS 400 calories.

Ok, so now on to the really important stuff – today’s weigh-in! I was terrified before stepping onto those scales, honest to God I thought I might have GAINED weight this week which I know is impossible given the amount I’m eating. I guess I’ve just developed a pathological fear of scales (is that even a thing? Scaleophobia maybe…)

Anyway *drumroll please*… I now weigh 48kg! That’s 105.8 lbs! Which means that this week I’ve lost 2.2lbs (1kg). Now that may not seem like a lot to you but for me it’s amazing since I haven’t had time to exercise much recently which has really been stressing me out. But I’m well on my way down to my goal weight of 100lbs and this is just the motivation I need to get there now that the holiday season and its unhealthy temptations have arrived.

Today I finished my English controlled assessment (yey!) and the rest of my exams are all over too so hopefully my workload from school will start to relax a bit. As it’s Friday I finally managed to make time for working out on the treadmill and I also burned some extra calories in the gym during my games lesson so I’m feeling quite fulfilled at the moment. That gives me a negative net amount of calories which is always a sign that I’m doing well. And tomorrow I’ll be able to do week three of my couch to 5k running programme, things just keep getting better!

Today was my fith day of the 30ds level two and I’m officially half way through the shred. I’ve actually become quite fond of Jillian over this time and I don’t know what I’ll do when I come to the end of my 30 days. Although having said that, I expect I’ll start to hate her again once I begin level 3…

Work, Work, Work and… More Work

Another late night tonight. I just spent the last four plus hours working on my french powerpoint and speech which I still haven’t finished so I’ll have to get up early tomorrow morning. And yet again, no time for the treadmill today. I’ve barely been doing any exercise this week and I have to weigh myself tomorrow so I’m not overly optimistic about that number on the scales. Still, so long as it doesn’t actually go up I can’t complain – I lost 4lbs last week so that would be great to maintain.

Today’s calorie intake:

Breakfast: 30g Special K with 125ml skimmed milk – 158 calories.
Lunch: Weight Watchers tomato soup – 76 calories.
Snack: 60g carrot sticks – 24 calories.
Dinner: half a Weight Watchers sweet mango chicken – 200 calories.

Total calories consumed: 458 calories.

Calories burned: 30ds level 2 – 117 calories.

Net: 341 calories.

Recently I’ve become a bit obsessed with checking the calorie content of everything, especially other people’s food (to make sure that I’m not missing out I guess!). Anyway, at lunch I stole a surreptitious glance at my friend’s store brought “healthy” pasta/salad concoction. It contained 685 calories – that’s more than I eat in an average day! Wow, no wonder I got fat if I was shoveling garbage like that into my body. I promised myself then and there that I will never go back to eating unhealthy again.

Day 4 of 30ds level 2: Jillian is continuing to kick my sorry ass but I won’t give up, I’ll beat her yet (even if my legs currently have other ideas)!

Christmas Temptations and Special K Red Berries Review

Sorry I didn’t update yesterday, I had to stay up late studying for a chemistry test. And you know what that means… I didn’t have time to use the treadmill either. Oh well, here’s yesterday’s calorie intake:

Breakfast: 30g Special K Red Berries and 125ml skimmed milk – 158 calories.
Lunch: Weight Watchers tomato and basil soup – 77 calories
Snack: 60g carrot sticks – 24 calories.
Dinner: half a Weight Watchers chicken hotpot – 200 calories (although it was only 223 calories in total so maybe that should be less? It’s better to overestimate anyway.)

Total calories: 460

Calories burned in exercise: 30ds level 2 – 117 calories

Net: 343

You may or may not have noticed something different about my breakfast yesterday… That’s right, I ate Special K red berries instead of my usual bowl of Original Special K. From what I can see it has pretty much the same nutritional information as the Original although I was shocked by the extra 2 grams of sugar. That’s 7 grams of sugar per serving! But, having heard so many great things I was prepaired to forgive red berries its few faults until I tasted it. Bleh! Far too sweet for me, even sickly – especially the dried berries I had been so excited about! Maybe I’ve just become too used to avoiding sugary foods but I don’t think I’ll be buying red berries again. It looks like I’m reverting back to the good old Original Special K today. The original is always the best (I find)!

Well, it was inevitably going to happen. Christmas is just around the corner and the festive temptations are begining to creep in. Yesterday in class we did a secret santa and my present was a huge box of quality streets and a chocolate bear on a stick (drool). But I’m strapped very firmly to my wagon this time and I’ve asked my mum to hide them so I don’t go and stuff my face. Crisis averted for now but the Christmas parties haven’t even begun yet…

A quick update on my progress with the 30ds: yesterday was my third day of level 2 and it’s finally becoming easier (or should I say almost do-able) even though it’s still a killer!