Back On Plan

Today’s calorie intake:

Breakfast: 30g Special K with 125ml skimmed milk – 158 calories.
Lunch: Weight Watchers chicken noodle soup – 51 calories.
Snack: 60g carrot sticks – 24 calories.
Green tea – 1 calorie.
Dinner: Half a Weight Watchers ocean pie – 150 calories (probably less as the whole thing was 196 calories).

Total consumed: 384 calories.


30ds level 3 – 117 calories.
Couch to 5k week 4 – 139 calories.
Treadmill – 525 calories.

Total burned: 781 calories.

Net: Minus 397 calories.

Well, my net calories is a negative number again and I guess that’s good. As of today I’m over half way through level 3 of the 30ds (4 more days to go!) although I’ll probably keep doing it on a daily basis after my ten days are up until it becomes less of a challenge. Then I might move in on Ripped in 30… Although I did more exercise today I still don’t think that it’s enough. I wanted to use the treadmill again but of course came up against my mum’s “no more than three sessions of exercise a day” rule.

Ugh it makes me feel so lazy to just sit around all day doing nothing. I feel physically fatter this week, as if I’ve gained weight and tomorrow I have to weigh in which is freaking me out. Just so long as I’ve lost that 0.4kg (0.8lb) I’ll be happy.

My mum’s been making cryptic comments about my weight loss lately, like: “And then you can start to eat again”, “when you’re back in the land of the eating…”, “make sure you eat enough”, “you don’t have to starve yourself” and “have a potato – very low in calories”. At dinner today she looked on disapprovingly and pretty much refused to talk at all while I ate, it was as if she was on the verge of a meltdown. Also, she seems to be under the impression that once I hit 45kg (100lb) I’ll stop losing weight. Oh no, no, no, no. My target is 42.5kg (93.7lb) or at highest 43kg (94.8lb) so I can see some very fun arguments coming up in the not so distant future.

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