Merry Christmas All!

Today’s calorie intake:

Breakfast: 30g Special K with 125ml skimmed milk – 158 calories.
Lunch: One slice of turkey – 22 calories.
1tbsp boiled carrots – 3 calories.
Snack: green tea – 1 calorie.

Total consumed: 184 calories.


30ds level 3 – 117 calories.

Total burned: 117 calories.

Net: 67 calories.

As you can see I managed to eat next to nothing at Christmas dinner. Go me! I had to use myfitnesspal to work out my calories and I think it probably underestimated but to compensate I entered in a larger quantity of food. In actuality I ate only half a slice of turkey and definitely less than a tablespoon of carrots so my estimated calories is probably about accurate. In fact I’m proud to say that I consumed considerably less even than my seven year old cousins! Everyone around me was loading up their plates with mountains of roast turkey, parsnips, potatos, peas, brussel sprouts, sausages, bacon, carrots, cranberry sauce, bread sauce, gravy… And the list goes on. Then there was the fizzy drinks, chocolates, crisps, salted peanuts, brownies, trifle, Christmas pudding, chocolate log and of course the massive chocolate reindeer given to me by my aunt. But I firmly refused it all. An added bonus was that there was no dinner because everyone else was too stuffed from lunch so I probably ended up eating less today despite it being Christmas!

My low calorie intake hopefully made up for the lack of exercise I was able to do. I woke up at seven this morning and did manage to complete level 3 of the 30ds before we left but that was pretty much it. Unless you count the short walk after Christmas dinner as being any sort of physical exertion… Which I certainly don’t.

Now I’ve never been one of those kids who received piles of presents under the Christmas tree or had three chocolate countdown calenders to themself every December. This year, like all others, I had a traditional picture advent calender with images of the nativity scene behind each door. Even as a child I found immense excitement in revealing a new picture each morning which I don’t think would really have been possible when unwrapping chocolates – why not just buy a selection box? My presents this year roughly amounted to a grand total of £25 from my mum and two lots of £15 (one from each pair of my uncles and aunts). Oh and two cheap bath bombs from “Santa”. But I’m not complaining, I have more than so many people in the World and I am fully aware of how incredibly fortunate I am. I could not truly picture Christmas any other way and don’t think I’d be more content with vast numbers of material gifts. On the contrary, I like to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas: on the birth of Jesus Christ and to give thanks for the miracle we celebrate on this special day. God bless

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