Motherly “Concerns” and Calorie Update

My calorie intake for today:

Breakfast: 30g Special K with 125ml skimmed milk – 158 calories.
Green tea – 1 calorie.
Lunch: Weight Watchers chicken, potato and leek soup: 96 calories
Dinner: Half a Weight Watchers chicken and lemon risotto – 200 calories.

Total consumed: 455 calories.


Treadmill – 422 calories.
Treadmill – 422 calories.
30 Day Shred level 2 – 117 calories.

Total burned – 961 calories.

Net: Minus 506 calories.

It was a good day food-wise I think. My mum was out for a few hours so I poured two yoghurts and a blended banana down the sink to make it look like I’d eaten more than I had which meant I was able to stay below 500 calories today. Yippee! However, I did want to go on the treadmill for a third time but instead got yelled into oblivion by my mum again: “You’re obsessed with exercise, you’re starving yourself, you’re lying to me about how much you’re eating, you’re losing weight too fast!” and my personal favourite: “You’re anorexic!”. So of course I started crying but apparently that only proved her point: “You’re emotionally unstable – you’re malnourished!”. So me bursting into tears is because I’m eating too little, not oh I don’t know, because you just shouted at me?
The end result obviously was that I wasn’t allowed to use my treadmill again. But I guess I still have a negative net amount of calories for today which is good so I shouldn’t be too upset. I’ve been doing everything I can to get back on my mum’s good side though: cleaning, washing up, taking out the rubbish, cooking for her and my brother, so hopefully she’ll let me alone for a while now.

At lunch my mum tried to make me eat a sausage roll and thankfully I said no. Do you know how many calories is in one of those things? Well now I do, 125. 125 calories – that’s more than was in my entire lunch. Just four of them would be equal to my target calorie intake for a day! And yet I saw my brother eat two or even three… Shudder.

The 30ds felt harder this attempt although it was my seventh day of level two – oh how time flies when Jillian Michaels is kicking your but! I think not eating very much today might have had something to do with it and the fact that I’d already been on the treadmill twice but I powered through and was super proud of myself for finishing.

Also,I think my body is adapting well to eating less. I know I’m not consuming very much at the moment (or at least, compared to what I used to) but I don’t get hungry so often and am satisfied with smaller portions. Let’s hope this becomes a habit!

My goal for this week is to lose a kilogram (2.2lbs) which would put me at 103.6lbs (47kg) although ideally I want to lose as much as I can before the holidays begin and I’m under my mum’s careful watch. I know I’ll see my weight loss grind to a halt or at least decline over the Christmas break. Oh well, it’s just two and a half weeks out of a whole lifetime, I’ll just have to suck it up.

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  1. Hi, I dont know you, I was just browsing through some blogs, but I am concerned about your ultra-low calorie intake and excessive exercising. One thing you are forgetting is that your body burns a base rate of calories, so your net minus calories is really more like 1500 at least. A woman should never consume fewer than 1200 calories a day unless directed by a doctor. I know you feel that what you are doing is good and healthy, but I dont think it is. I have struggled with eating disorders in the past and much of what you are writing could be written by an anorexic. Please reconsider what you are doing.

  2. Hi there, thanks for your concern and I’m aware that I’ve probably cut my calories lower than most people but I’ll make sure to stop once I reach my target weight. I’m very sorry that you’ve suffered with eating disorders and I hope you have fully overcome them now because my childhood friend is anorexic and I know how terrible it is for her and her family so I would never do that to myself. I’m very grateful you took the time to read my blog and I hope I’ve put your worries at rest!

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