Weigh-in Number 1

My calorie intake for today:

Breakfast: 30g Special K with 125ml skimmed milk – 158 calories.
Green tea – 1 calorie

Lunch: Weight Watchers chicken noodle soup – 51 calories.

Snack: 60g carrot sticks – 24 calories.

Dinner: half Weight Watchers chicken curry – 200 calories.

Total: 434 calories.

Games – 300 calories.
30ds level 2 – 117 calories.
Treadmill – 417 calories.

Total burned: 834 calories.

Net: MINUS 400 calories.

Ok, so now on to the really important stuff – today’s weigh-in! I was terrified before stepping onto those scales, honest to God I thought I might have GAINED weight this week which I know is impossible given the amount I’m eating. I guess I’ve just developed a pathological fear of scales (is that even a thing? Scaleophobia maybe…)

Anyway *drumroll please*… I now weigh 48kg! That’s 105.8 lbs! Which means that this week I’ve lost 2.2lbs (1kg). Now that may not seem like a lot to you but for me it’s amazing since I haven’t had time to exercise much recently which has really been stressing me out. But I’m well on my way down to my goal weight of 100lbs and this is just the motivation I need to get there now that the holiday season and its unhealthy temptations have arrived.

Today I finished my English controlled assessment (yey!) and the rest of my exams are all over too so hopefully my workload from school will start to relax a bit. As it’s Friday I finally managed to make time for working out on the treadmill and I also burned some extra calories in the gym during my games lesson so I’m feeling quite fulfilled at the moment. That gives me a negative net amount of calories which is always a sign that I’m doing well. And tomorrow I’ll be able to do week three of my couch to 5k running programme, things just keep getting better!

Today was my fith day of the 30ds level two and I’m officially half way through the shred. I’ve actually become quite fond of Jillian over this time and I don’t know what I’ll do when I come to the end of my 30 days. Although having said that, I expect I’ll start to hate her again once I begin level 3…

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