Christmas Temptations and Special K Red Berries Review

Sorry I didn’t update yesterday, I had to stay up late studying for a chemistry test. And you know what that means… I didn’t have time to use the treadmill either. Oh well, here’s yesterday’s calorie intake:

Breakfast: 30g Special K Red Berries and 125ml skimmed milk – 158 calories.
Lunch: Weight Watchers tomato and basil soup – 77 calories
Snack: 60g carrot sticks – 24 calories.
Dinner: half a Weight Watchers chicken hotpot – 200 calories (although it was only 223 calories in total so maybe that should be less? It’s better to overestimate anyway.)

Total calories: 460

Calories burned in exercise: 30ds level 2 – 117 calories

Net: 343

You may or may not have noticed something different about my breakfast yesterday… That’s right, I ate Special K red berries instead of my usual bowl of Original Special K. From what I can see it has pretty much the same nutritional information as the Original although I was shocked by the extra 2 grams of sugar. That’s 7 grams of sugar per serving! But, having heard so many great things I was prepaired to forgive red berries its few faults until I tasted it. Bleh! Far too sweet for me, even sickly – especially the dried berries I had been so excited about! Maybe I’ve just become too used to avoiding sugary foods but I don’t think I’ll be buying red berries again. It looks like I’m reverting back to the good old Original Special K today. The original is always the best (I find)!

Well, it was inevitably going to happen. Christmas is just around the corner and the festive temptations are begining to creep in. Yesterday in class we did a secret santa and my present was a huge box of quality streets and a chocolate bear on a stick (drool). But I’m strapped very firmly to my wagon this time and I’ve asked my mum to hide them so I don’t go and stuff my face. Crisis averted for now but the Christmas parties haven’t even begun yet…

A quick update on my progress with the 30ds: yesterday was my third day of level 2 and it’s finally becoming easier (or should I say almost do-able) even though it’s still a killer!

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