Losin it in Paradise

Back in the land of the living

I had a blast in Vegas.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  I partied, played, rested, ate too much and drank too much and shopped a little,  and just generally had a good time.

My niece was also there, she arrived with a friend for the last four days of our trip so was able to spend some time with her.  I have not seen her for five years, so was a great visit.

Our suite was fabulous.  It was bigger than my house!!  Two huge marble baths, fresh flowers daily, bed turned back with chocolate and perfume nightly.  They even filled our ice bucket.  Gosh pays to have an upgrade; specially when hotel is picking up the tab due to their error 🙂

Got back home and of course hit the floor running.  Have been working non stop since I got home.  Then to top it all off the first weekend I had off I get sick.  Well not really sick, but having horrid stomach pain.  Almost unbearable.   I never got out of bed for 48 hours, not even to pee….WTF

But I am feeling better now which is a good thing considering I am working doubles all this week.  But that in its self is good cause it means only have to work 3 shift and off for 3….so doubles I can handle. 

Haven’t ran for about three weeks.  My knee is still the size of a basket ball, but it too is improving.  But that means I don’t get to do my marathon this weekend.  Doc says no running for at least another two weeks….sigh   Oh well there will be more runs to do this year I am sure 🙁

Diet wise…..lets just not talk about it right now…nuff said?

Will get back at it asap…

Good to be back in Paradise, but really missing the freedom of the mainland….

Aloha 🙂


4 Responses to “Back in the land of the living”

  1. Welcome back! An upgrade at the Venetian???? OMG! I’d love that! Delighted to hear that you had a wonderful time and got to spend time with the niece! After you finish up those double shifts, I want to hear more about vacation. Did you win enought to retire?

  2. Oh, so glad you had such a great time in Vegas! I half-way thought you’d decided to stay there permanently! Sorry about getting sick when you got home, tho….no fun there, as I can say from personal (recent) experience.
    Lord, girl, you do work hard! I can’t even imagine double shifts at anything, let alone a stressful job liKe yours! You certaily deserve what getaways you can manage! It’s always great to see a blog entry from you, tho…I’ve been missing you.

  3. Welcome back boo boo!

    You have been sorely missed 🙂 I’m thrilled that you got to live the high life because you oh so oh so deserve to be pampered – you are a bonafide workaholic!

    I’m sure you’ll be up and runnin in no time babes 🙂

    Take a sweet rest – the road is always waiting for you 🙂

  4. I am slow in catching up. Glad to see that you had a wonderful time in SIn City. Your room sounds divine. You needed to be spoiled! Take care of you and that knee. Big Hugs

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