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Oh no you didn’t!

yup, I did…another 2 pounds.  I gotta be running it off cause I sure am not starving 🙂    So I was really proud of myself cause despite working odd and long hours I still ran 10 days straight.  The only reason I did not run the 11th day is that I treated myself and went and had a massage..and the therapist told me to take a day off running to really let my muscles relax and rejuvinate, so I did….ahhhh

Good thing too cause I am working six straight now, and I am not too happy about it.   This is what happened…   I had last weekend off and boy was I looking forward to it.  I was tired and wanted some time with DH and to just relax and veg and visit and do all the things that spouses do…(blush)   Well anyway at 2pm on Sunday my phone rings and it is MJ, our eldest house sup, and she says, “I have just had two of the worst shifts (both 8 hours) and my legs really hurt and can you work my shift for me tonight?”  I said, oh MJ, I really need this weekend and my DH just went to get some steaks and I really don’t want to but if you need me to I will come in at 11pm but not 7pm (she was scheduled a 12 that night).  She got a bit huffy and said, “don’t bother, if you will not come in at 7pm, I will just work it” and then she hung up on me.   I spent the rest of the night feeling quilty but wtf, I need time off too.

Anyway to make a long story short, I come back on Monday to find our schedule changed and MJ off on “mental health leave” for a week and yup you guessed it, I am getting her shifts as well as my own.  I went ranting and raving to my boss, but as usual I got the “oh, I am sorry but I can always count on you, and you are always there for me…blah blah blah”  And I of course soaked it in like the desert soaks in rain….fookin ego…

MJ is 67 years old, her nickname from the staff is Hitler.  She is a bully and she is mean.  She should have retired years ago, but is too darn money hungry, and hell no she does not need it.  She is under her entire families thumb at home so comes here and takes it out on the staff.  She backs down with me all the time cause I won’t take her shit, but I do damage control everytime I have to come back to work after she has worked a couple nights.  Last night I had one of our younger nurses crying almost uncontrollably because MJ had called her an idiot the night before WFT….we don’t treat people like that around here.  We do not eat our young….shit!

So I have been causing some reall waves around here.  I have a doctor on suspension cause I reported his ass for not showing up for a code for 20 mins.  I ran that puppy all by myself, and got a heart beat back…yay!   And now I am going to have to deal with MJ and the way she treats the staff not to mention that she is incapable of doing this job.  She is too old and has really bad knees and ankles and cannot walk very much and trust me this job is at least a 6 mile night and that is the least we walk.  But I know she spends most of her time in the office and doesn’t help on the floors at all.  She needs to go, we need to get someone in here that can do the job.  And doesn’t have to take fricken mental health breaks all the time…

Okay, I vented….thanks for letting me spew….

Other than that….running every day, down another two pounds….things are good.

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  1. Two MORE pounds!!!! You’re amazing,gilfriend! Must be a combo of al the running AND all the walking you do at work. I am in awe of you. Seriously. That’s one strenuous job, not to mention those horrendously long hours. Yes, for gawd’s sake, that woman is too old (and nasty) to be working there. When your job is so demanding to start with, it’s important to have good teamwork. If she isn’t there out of a desperate need for money, then she really does need to make way for someone who can do his/her fair share, and do it with a decent attitude.
    Keep up the awesome work with the running – I can’t even imagine how you’re doing it all, but I sure am impressed!
    BIG hugs,

  2. Everything that Z said ….. I second.
    You’re awesome and I’m very VERY proud of you!
    RubyJean xoxoxo

  3. Good for you down Miss 2 pounds. I think they found their way to California and I found them.

    I hate people who are too selfish and money hungry to NOT retire. They do a crappy job and treat everyone around them like shit. And of course, you get her shifts! Like you don’t need a day off!

    You are amazing. And don’t tempt me. I might move to Hawaii to get away from this daylight savings bullshit.


  4. I like what you are doin’ ms. Norma Jean 🙂

    Kicking butts and takin’ names. Right on sister! It’s sad when folks linger way past the due date no?

    Especially CRANKY ole folks that just live to make other folks upset.

    Hell no!

    She’s gotta gotta got to GO!

    I think you are the one to spearhead that endeavor missy.

    You are saving lives, inspiring us AND losing weight all at the same doggone time.

    Like I said once before, they used to erect temples for gals like you….

    love ya!


  5. Damn! I just feel so inadequate. You GO, girl! Run your skinny little butt off!

    As for MJ, she really needs to go. Anyone who bullies others when she doesn’t even pull her weight ought to be ousted!

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