Losin it in Paradise

Hell yeah!

Well I am down 8 and hoping for 10 on my next weigh in….but the very best thing is that I am running again.  I managed four runs this week and no injuries 🙂   I have been doing some research on running.com and I have been pushing it and not listening to my body hence […]

Just a quickie

Just dropping in to say hi….”HI” 🙂 Nothing much new since last night.  Doing a double shift tonight and of course the place is hopping.  That is okay, I am off for two after this….gonna get the nails done tomorrow after work..and a pedi as well. Still holding strong on the eating and exercise.  My […]


Well I finally am feeling better, and also had three nice days off.  I slept for most of Friday, but then had Sat & Sun to have some R&R and some fun with DH. And the best part????   I did not totally blow my new eating plan even thou I had a wkend off and […]

Still hanging in..

I am on my four shift in a row, this is a short one, only 8 hours, but then I have to teach CPR in the am when I get off for 6 hours….so really not a short one.  Then I teach ACLS on Weds for 12 hours, and then work again Thursday night, but […]

One step forward, two steps back…

I have some good days and then some bad days.  I just wish I understand or knew what causes the bad days. I will be so good, sticking to my sensible eating and exercise and then for some reason…all reason disappears, and I start stuffing my face.   I am probably now heavier than I have […]

I met my hero!

How exciting is that?  Wow! For a couple years now on my way home from work in the am I meet a gentleman out running.  And I mean he runs!   I see him on different parts of the highway depending on what time of morning it is, and I admire him so much.   I watch […]

Minor wobble

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up when we fail.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson Well so far I am doing ok.  Had a bit of a lapse yesterday.  Took a friend out for dinner.  Dinner was not the problem, dessert was…..it was offered as part of the meal, and I had […]

Quick shut that damn gate…

OMG, work tonight is a disaster!    I have no rooms in the hospital, surgeries still going on, the ER is packed and they have holds, my ICU is full…..someone opened the gates of hell and forgot to close them… “You can succeed by finishing last”  Joe Henderson-runner So I had a good morning after I […]


“Many of life’s failures are experienced by people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”  Thomas Edison Thanks to all for the great suggestions on how to try and beat this night time snacking and sugar cravings.  I love them! I am at work and actually have time […]

Survived New Year’s

Well here we are into 2009!  And blessedly I don’t mean my weight, althou I am hunkering at 200 now.  Gained all my weight back that I worked so hard to lose…..BUT that is not what I am writing about today. I already made my mind up that things were going to change and that […]