Losin it in Paradise

hello there

Haven’t been around for a while, so thought since I had a spare minute here at work, I would jot down a couple lines. Thanks to all who wrote and told me to get the hell back here 🙂 Things are okay in my life right now.  Not great but okay.  I am stumbling with […]


I have a love/hate relationship with salt.  I love it, and it hates me….   I never add salt when I cook, but it seems like all the foods I like are high in sodium.  Even foods I had no idea were high in sodium and sky high. Take for example.  I love siamin.  It is […]

Bad islandgrl!

Thanks to all that wrote and told me to get back here.  I have been lazy and avoiding anything I can avoid and get away with it, and the blog was the easiest to let go. I am back from my trip to Canada to see my son, DIL and grand daughter.  Had a wonderful […]