Losin it in Paradise


I just finished having five whole days to myself.  And they were wonderful.  I only had to work one of those five days too!!!  So I got to stay home with just me and the pups. Had a pedicure and nails done, soaked in my tub, putts around in the yard with my orchids and […]


Had the day off yesterday.  Totally blew the diet.  Wasn’t bad having the barbqued hamburger, only had one and no fries.  Even the peach and the mango salso was okay.   BUT then I ate a whole damn bag of Good & Plenty!!!!!  WTF So today I am tryin to be better.  Got to work tonight […]

Hate the new layout.

I rreally don’t like the new lay out at all.  Too confusing and certainly not as user friendly as the old way. Sorry I have been MIA, life has a way of getting in the way of blogging.  And with my boring life, I really had nothing to report. Nothing has changed with my son and […]


 Did I ever mention that I am a control freak??  Yup that is me, totally.  I have to been in control all the time…don’t show emotion, control the environment, myself and most of the people around me.  I feel completely lost and helpless when I lose that control…… I am not in control now.  I […]

Will I ever have a life without drama?

Nope, don’t think so… Sadly seems like my son and DIL will be divorcing after all.  He is seeing a lawyer this week.  Things have gone from bad to really bad for them.  My DIL has always had anger issues, I think it comes from being an abused child, she has never been willing to […]

Buns of steel….

Yah right! I have been so busy, I have been totally neglecting everything and everyone…sorry!   I had the weekend off and DH and I went on a really rough 5 hour hike.  We went up the Kokee mountain and hiked all the way down to the Alakai swamp and back.   OMG, I thought I was […]