Losin it in Paradise

Not a happy camper :(

Ow, and double ow. ……fuck!   I blew out my knee on Saturday while running.  My own fault, I could feel it getting sore, but would I stop?  Hell no, that would have been too intelligent.   So now here I am can hardly stand the pain, haven’t been able to stay off of it cause too damn […]


Ok I don’t even know where to start!   It has been a rather nasty week.  I am starting to come down with the grud that seems to have infected a lot of us here on the blogs.  Feeling rather ugly, both inside and out.  Also feeling grumpy and a tad sorry for myself. I haven’t let it […]

Out of large into medium :)

Today was a milestone for me.  Today I was able to wear a medium scrub instead of a large…..no more large scrubs for me!  Yay medium. I went for another run yesterday, and just before my run I went for a nice 45 min bike ride.  I think the bike ride was a good way […]


I have no idea what that means, but it sounded nice 🙂  Enshrined 🙂 Well the shin splints have healed and I am up for running again tomorrow evening.  I will do the ice and Motrin again in the am when off work and then do a good bike ride before I run to loosen […]

Shin splints….

I went for another run on Thursday so made it twice in a row.  Was suppose to have a rest and recovery day inbetween runs, but because I am working 14 hour shifts on Fri, Sat and Sun I knew I would have no time for a run, so did two in a row. I […]

Important message!

First off, I have to tell all…………I did it.  I went for my first ever run.  I managed a good solid 2 miles.   I alternated power walk with running and did great.  I was hot, sweaty and pretty worn out after, but also in my glory….I DID IT!   I felt so great after, […]

No sex in this city

I read the blogs and read about the lives of other women that face daily struggles, joys and pain and I think how parallel our lives really are. I read about my dear wonderful anngirl and the pain and loneliness she is going thru as she searches for the right man to help fill her […]

It is all good

Except for my DAMN diet!   Well not totally, I didn’t completely blow things just one night, last night.  I had a brownie with cool whip, ice cream and hot fudge sauce………..DAMN……….it was good.   Of course I flogged myself and wept tears of remorse…NOT.   Only today do I feel like I was a naughty girl, and […]

Just a little humor

 Thought I would put in some humor for all that suffer or have suffered with dear old TOM. Also for those that are wondering where our dear Bobbi is…..well she is fine and she ask me to pass on this msg for u…..SHE IS GETTING MARRIED!  the big day is July 18th.  She figured after […]