Losin it in Paradise

Not much going on

Not much going on at all.  Had two uneventful days off, didn’t do much except for laundry and that shit.  It was too windy for the beach and with all the vog we have from the volcano not much sun either. I am back at work, diet is going well.  I am still enjoying my […]

Salads rock!

I finally had a big beautiful salad, loaded with lettuce, tomato, red onion, radishes and cucumbers with 3 oz of grilled chicken.  It was heaven, and the best part???   I was able to keep it down.  That is the first lettuce since my surgery that I have been able to keep down.  It was truly […]

Happy weekend!

Well the weekend has arrived and all is well.  I am working a 14 hour shift tonight but then off for Sat and Sun.  Glorious 🙂  The weather is perfect and life is good. Exercise sucks!   I never have liked to exercise and probably never will.  I can dig in my heels better than anyone […]

Name change

I decided today to change the name of my blog.  I had two reasons really.  The first was that I noticed that someone had the same blog name as mine………..!  So I changed mine.   The second was:  that is exactly where I live and what I am doing 🙂 This is my third shift and […]

A nite in Paradise

Not much to report here at all, boy I live a boring life!   Work, eat and sleep, same old, same old……Gawd I love it.  I am so glad to be back to a routine and feeling good and life is really not half bad after all. Diet wise I am still doing great.  Not fantabulous, […]

Just another day.

I lost 2 pounds this week, and that despite having butter on my popcorn.  So that made me feel real good. I find that the WW fruities are a God send.  I love them, and anytime I crave a sweet or want something to eat when I am not hungry I just open a pack […]

Life is good

I am continuing to get stronger and stronger every day.  Love being back at work and my feet don’t even hurt anymore 🙂 I am finally feeling like I am part of the human race again.  And a useful one at that.   Sitting around is definately not for me, no way…. Weight wise I am […]

Then week’s end

Well I am on my fourth and final shift for this week, and I am actually doing a 13 hour shift instead of just an eight.  We had a puka (hole in Hawaii) so I decided to fill it and pick up some more hours. I am loving being back at work.  I actually think […]

Back in the land of the living

Aww, it is good to be back at work.  I am feeling like I am again part of life.  In fact it seems like I have not even been gone.  I think everyone was very glad to see me, I know I was glad to see them 🙂 I am day two now without the […]


Tomorrow I go back to work….woohoo! I have a busy week ahead, but only doing 8 hour shifts for the first week back. I work Monday thru Friday this week so that is not too bad and I get next weekend off! That is good cause 10,000 BC is playing at our little local movie […]