Losin it in Paradise

hotter than Hades

OMG, what a hot hot day it is today.  DH has gone in search of bamboo and I am taking the day for me.  But it is so hot and the trades are gone so it is humid as well. I am sure that I am sweating pounds off just sitting here 🙂   I […]

99.9% better

Wow, what a rush this surgery thing has been. I have certainly been thru the wringer. I was really thinking that my recovery would be fast as I am basically healthy, so was surprised at how hard this knocked me off my feet. I was a whimp 🙂 But I am feeling much better now, […]

Still hanging in

Just a quick note to tell all that I am still here and still hanging in.  My family is here now and I am having a good visit.  Get tired really easy and having significant pain.  Trying hard to not over do, but even two trips into town two days in a row wore me […]