Losin it in Paradise


Well I had my four days off and had my much needed rest and total decompression time.  Totally enjoyed myself. 

On Thursday mornng when I got off work, it was my first day off so I soaked in the tub, slept, ate and watched movies.

On Friday I took two of the travel nurse for an island tour.  One is from Texas the other from Nashville.  They are coming to the end of their travel assignment and have not had time to do the “tourist” thing yet and it is shame to not see our island and take in the sights not to mention the shopping, so I told them I was going to spend the day doing just that with them.

I quite like these two and am really going to miss them when they leave this Saturday, but I have been around our little island a thousand times or more so was expecting to be a tad bored being a tourist.  WRONG.  I had a great time which of course has a lot to do with the company I was with.

We started out the day by meeting in Poipu beach park at 800hrs.  We went for breakfast at Oki Diner where we had Saimen and then started the day.  We had the top down and just cruised.   The rain Gods were favorable to us for the most part and we saw some sun where ever we went.  We took in the Kapaa fair and spend oodles of money.  We went to the North Shore and saw whales.  We had a blast and the day flew by.  We ended the day by taking in a Lu’au at the Sheraton.  We chose the Sheraton because a lot of the girls at the hospital dance in that Lu’au, so we wanted to see them dance.  It was great.  I have been to many Lu’au and it was the best so far, so if ever in Kauai folks, go to the Sheraton Lu’au 🙂

I was sad to see the end of the day, but had a great time, sunburnt nose and lots of good memories.

Saturday, DH and I went to town and bought a new deep freeze and then went out for supper.  I managed to stay within my points so was happy.  I did NOT on Friday, but was worth it.    🙂

Sunday was a stay at home rainy day.  Did some laundry, visited with DH.  Groomed my fur babies and prepared to return to work.   Also a good day for points.

Monday was weigh day.  Down .8 of a pound only 🙁    A bit disappointing but I will take it vs a gain any day.  I am getting so close to my 20 goal by the 26th, only 5 pounds left to go so I know I will make it without problems.   Returned to work Monday night, only worked an eight hour shift, but had to teach CPR after work for 6 hours so turned into a 14 hour shift.  Yawn!

Tuesday:  slept after I got home from CPR, woke up starved and remember I had not eaten since dinner Monday night…WTF…that is not cool, no wonder I was starved.   And because I was starving I was not smart food or point wise.  Easy to order out for pizza cause too tired and hungry to cook.   Way over on points.

Weds:   Stayed on points, drinking lots to flush out the system from the pizza poison.  Still have a good feeling from my Friday out with the girls.   Wish I could have more days like that.  Hard not having friends, hard when DH is so needy that I am HIS only friend.  sigh….   Not going to get down about that, just going to enjoy my good feeling 🙂

19 more days..

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