Losin it in Paradise

1 day and counting

Today is the last day.  I will be in the hospital tomorrow for my surgery.  So I will not be on line anymore after today until I have recoup’d. See you in a couple weeks….

2 days and counting

Well today I am on clear fluids and started my bowel prep. So far so good. I went out with DH last night for a great feast of crab legs. Also had shrimp salad. It was so good I totally passed up the dessert tray 🙂 DH bought me a flat screen TV for the […]

6 days and counting

Well I am getting a little nervous as I have less than a week left.  I only have 3 shifts of work left and I am done.  Friday is my last night.  Then Saturday DH is taking me out for seafood supper and then Sunday and Monday are bowel prep days and then TUESDAY is […]

8 days and counting

Wow it is zooming up there on me isn’t it? Have you ever watched the TV show “How to love yourself naked?”   I watched the Oprah special on the show and was quite amazed at how we see our bodies compared to how others see us.  So I decided to watch a couple of the […]


Do you ever wonder why we are so obsessed with food?  I think it is because we diet.  And the minute we start a diet all we can think about, talk about, dream about, plan about and obsess about is food. Think about it….from the minute you start a diet, even a good one like […]

11 days and counting

11 days to go and feeling okay.   I am mentally and physically ready for this.  I had a couple days off and I rested and relaxed and I am good to go. I am done work offically on the morning of the 23rd.  I have to do another horrid bowel prep for two days prior […]

14 days and counting

14 days until my surgery.  I will be so glad when this is over and done with.  I am not sure what I am dreading the most.  The post op pain and recovery or the actual surgery itself.  I know I am nervous and scared and that is so not like me 🙁 But I […]


Well I had my four days off and had my much needed rest and total decompression time.  Totally enjoyed myself.  On Thursday mornng when I got off work, it was my first day off so I soaked in the tub, slept, ate and watched movies. On Friday I took two of the travel nurse for […]