Losin it in Paradise

10 down 3 to go

Well I am on my tenth night and only have 3 more to go.  Surprisingly I am making it.  I am back on 8 hour shifts so it feels fairly breezy right now.  The 12s over the weekend were hard especially after the bad trauma. Our coworker has been extubated and is recovering from her […]


Remember how I am always saying that we should live as if we are dying?  That we never know when it is going to be over?  Well that just hit home again for me tonight.  I am not going to complain anymore.  All my complaints are just little trival things anyway.  So what if I […]

Steaming mad!

If you thought I was PISSED before, you don’t want to be 50 feet near me now. Lovely b*tch hYPOchondriASS called in sick AGAIN tonight!!! And YES, I have to work AGAIN, which mean this will be my eighth shift in a row and by the time I am done it will be 13 straight […]

OH! OH! XXX rated

Tonight I had this craving for something really sweet, like a candy or something.  So not wanting to go over my points, I stopped at Wal Mart and bought some sugar free Werther’s Original hard candies. I have been working away and sucking on those hard candies and they have been hitting the spot and killing […]

Sitting at work eating carrots

Yup, that is my blog tonight.  Sitting at work eating my baby carrots and fat free ranch dressing.  All is quiet on the work front believe it or not and it is a full moon. Listening to some tunes on the Zune and doing a lesson plan for my up and coming ALCS class for […]


I am pissed right off.  I was suppose to get tomorrow night off.  It was to be my only night off all week, a measley little day off is all I ask.  I have been giving it balls to the wall since MJ has been on vacation.  I have to come back to work on […]

There is a hush all over

The blogs seem quiet.  No ones is writing much lately.  Maybe it is the weather.  Maybe everyone is tired…maybe everyone is like me and nothing much to say. I am just popping in to say hi and to report I am now down 13 pounds!  Woohoo, almost at my 20 mark and I still have […]

Sleep vs meatloaf and mashed taters

The morning meeting held me over longer than anticipated.  So I was starved by the time I got out.  It was after 11am.  And of course I had not taken my morning medication with me either thinking I would be home by 9am.  So the stomach acid was happily chewing its way through the lining […]


Nothing much new tonight.  All “q” so far.  We never say the “q”word cause we jinx ourselves.  We are full house but so far so good.  I am tired tonight, only slept for about 3 hours today.  Just could not settle and sleep, happens more often than not.  I am used to running with insomnia […]

Weekend gardening

Well I had my weekend gardening.  And it was good for my soul.  It was a good time.  Not exactly the fun I had anticipated but fun nevertheless.   I did have to compete with the football games for hubby’s attention.  But he tried.  We got a lot accomplished.  The hoeing and weeding, and replanting and […]