Losin it in Paradise


BTW, is anyone else getting this stoopid spam shit?  WTF   Cannot even blog now without some idiot or some idiots getting into your personal junk….bastards!   I just mark them as spam but they keep on coming in anyway.  Anyone know how to stop them? “Check it out! While looking through the blogosphere we stumbled on […]

Kicking back in Kekaha

OMG, we have gotten so much fookin rain.  Careful what you wish for is right.  I wanted to see SOME cause it has been so darn dry, well I say some all right.  We got five fookin inches today.  I got about 8 miles from home on the way to work today and that was […]

Just feeling the need to bitch a little :)

Hope all had a good Thanksgiving weekend.  I worked all weekend and that is okay.  I usually do, so that I can have Christmas Day off instead.   Being a Canadian living in the US with an American hubby, I still feel weird having Thanksgiving in November instead of October, and I also hate the thought […]

Moving along

I just had the most perfect of weekends. 🙂  I had the house to myself for three wonderful days.  DH is still in NM, I was off for a long weekend and had a totally do nothing weekend at home with the fur babies.  It was great.  I watched a couple thrillers, a couple horror […]

Still here

Yup, I am still here.  Don’t seem to get online to blog much anymore, or maybe just don’t seem to have the will or incentive to blog anymore. My diet is shot to shit.  I am sitting here thinking about starting again, but there is no way I can do NS again.  I just cannot […]

Life’s circle

Went to the urgent care today cause my mouth and tongue are still bothering me and it is weeks now.  Seems I have “thrush”  from all the antibotics I have had to take due to my diverticulitis.  Figures Well the nice and friendly divorce that the kids were going to have lasted all of a […]

Zachary update

So many wonderful friends have written to ask about how our sweet Zachary is doing, that I figured I had better do an update. He spent a bit over a week in Oahu at the most wonderful of vet hospitals. They took the best of care of him, and of DH 🙂 He was able […]

Post Halloween Sugar buster’s withdrawal

OMG, I am so glad that Halloween is over. I don’t even buy a lot of Candy.  I make sure I work, so I am not around it, buy it the last day and then I don’t have to be home to pass it out, but the hospital become a JUNK YARD of JUNK FOOD.  […]


So I have come to a big conclusion.  We are simply as homo sapiens not made to mate for life.  Why, because woman don’t marry we adopt!   Unlike the romantic species ie:  wolves that hunt and play together for life, we automatically assume the roll of “mother” when we marry.  We are taught to do that from the […]

Who said life is fair?

Well the saga of my son and DIL continues.  They have decided to get a divorce.  They don’t want to be married anymore.  They don’t want counseling.  They love each other but they don’t “love” each other.  They are not interested in anyway in staying together. Most of this is my son.  He just doesn’t […]