Losin it in Paradise

Some days it is hard to just breathe

I think life would be easy if you just did not have to live it………or if you got a million do overs, or if guilt did not exist, or if everyone was perfect, or if nothing really mattered, or no one got hurt, or no one needed love or forgiveness I just spend two weeks […]

The worst of days

I got home from work on monday to find my poor little Zachary total paralized in the back legs, no longer screaming in pain but totally unable to move.  I bundled him up and rushed him to the vets.  She examed him and then cath’d him for urine as he was unable to pee.  She said […]

eating crow, feathers and all

Okay, I made this big deal about teasing my poor DH cause our cockers was acting weird and it turns out something really is wrong, and now I am freaked and feeling freaking guilty as hell. I get home this am and Zachary does not greet his mom as normal, in fact his is not […]