Losin it in Paradise


Well here it is Saturday night and it is 2am and I am half way thru my second night shift.  I am having a hard time getting used to being back on nights.  Course it doesn’t help when you haven’t been getting sleep during the day. Got home this am and my DH meets me […]

I think I am back finally

So I am semi back.  I am finally over the abdominal junk.  Pooping like a trooper or a bear in the woods take your choice. Have convinced the surgeon to leave me intact until I return from my visit to my son and family in Canada the 10th of October.  I have promised that I […]

Got my hair cut yesterday.  I am trying to grow it out.  what is it about a fat girl that think that a “pog” that looks good on Posh will instantly make you look thinner and more beautiful?????  I don’t.  I look like a fat pog, or frog or soemthing.  But the hair is kinda […]

Feeling a bit better today

Feeling junk, but better than before.  I was actually able to get some sleep last night with the help of some ambien.  I am going thru a false amphetamine high.  A drug interaction!  It is horrid.  I cannot sleep, sit, rest, eat, I pace, last night was the first sleep in over four days.  Not […]


Just got out of the hospital.  I was not working, but was a patient.  Will write more later when a bit stronger.


Has any body but me been getting all these upgrading thingies?  Does anyone know how to do them?  Am I the only computer dummy out there? 🙁 I have no idea if I zip or not, what if I lose everything.  Sheesh, I think I will just stick to what I have unless someone out […]


Another day another blog.  Today I decided that I am fat, not fluffy, not plump, not round, I am fat.  And that is okay because I can do something about that.  I have been making excuses as to why I cannot stick to a diet, remember there is not such thing as cannot, only will […]


I have been reading some of the blogs, some random and some that I read all the time because these people have become very important to me and a very important part of my life. Funny isn’t it how we can reach out to total strangers that we have no idea about, that are in […]

Note to self:

Take off your emotional clothes and be naked!

Still alive and kicking

“The reason most people fail to reach the finish line is that they confuse a setback with a failure…” Russell Simmons Okay, I have dealt with enough “setbacks”.  I kinda like that word a whole lot better than failure.  Failure seems so permanent, so hard to get back from.  Whereas setback has a temporary sound, […]