Losin it in Paradise

Home stretch

Almost there 🙂  Only one more sleep!  Tomorrow will be a big day.  Have to buy groceries, wow, what to feed five adults??  I cannot remember the last time we had that many people in our home.  Not since we moved to Hawaii for sure.  And I have to pick up the rental.  I rented […]

OMG, 4 more sleeps

I cannot stand it, I am so excited I am about to wet my pants…..hm……come to think about it, I do that when I sneeze or cough too 🙂 I can just smell that baby girl, and can hardly wait to hug my son and daughter in law. DH has been working his butt off […]

5 more sleeps!

I am getting so excited I can hardly stand it.  Soon my son and family will be here and I can hold my beautiful grand daughter.  Right now I am watching the weather as often as I can hoping that Hurricane Flossie will stay on course and not veer into the islands.  If all goes […]

Emotional rollercoaster!

I have so many different emotions in my head right now, so I am going to try and separate them if I can. Overwhelmed with the responses to my blog thanking me for what I do……..wow!  Talk about humbling.  People I don’t know taking the time to write and say thank you.  Wow…….let me thank […]

I am on a bad run!

“It is okay to feel a little broken, everyone is a little broken…….that’s life”  Bon Jovi Well I think I am on a bad run or something.  Another MVA, another child.  This one will have a much brighter outlook thou, I hope so anyway.  An 11 year old on a dirt bike on the road, […]

Will I ever learn?

Well I am back at work after having a couple days off to lick my wounds and heal my heart.  Unfortunately I also used the time to eat myself sick and fight with my hubby about nothing and everything. MY SON IS COMING.  He and is family will arrive on the 18th, so of course […]

booze + car = death!

Tonight I had my fourth trauma code in less than a week!  My second fatality.  I am so tired of this, why will people not learn that getting behind the wheel of a vehicle when you have been drinking is fookin stupid????  Add the speed, no seat belts and it is just a matter of […]