OMG Just weighed myself!!!

So when I started meeting with my dietician she told me to stop weighing myself, to listen to my body to tell me where Im at and not stress about natural fluctuations. While I totally appreciate this method and if I had a healthier mindset to begin with it would be great, but unfortunately not looking at a scale in 6 months has put me at my heaviest I have ever ever been! Obviously Im not blaming her for the weight gain just that I really can not feel what my is telling me and so now I am weighing in at 245, 10 lbs more than I have ever weighed…..this sucks. So I have 70! lbs to lose…..I am focusing on the first 30, but I am going to be taking it slow and steady cause the all the other dieting in the past hasn’t helped me. I may do calorie counting since I seem to be really super off on it, my excercise is already taking one hour and 15 min pole dance class and another pole conditioning class (it kicks my ass). I need to keep up with daily muscle building and stretching. What I need to add is cardio, I am going to start of with walk/interval walking.

Grrrrrrrrr I hate that I got here!!!!!!!