Not So Disappointed!

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So I was feeling down about not losing weight in the past 6 or so days. There would be many reasons for it, but I wont dwell on it, just move forward. However I just took my measurements and what might not show on the scale seems to be showing up in my measurements.

My Original Measurements:

Chest- 43.5″
Underbust- 39.5″
Waist- 36″
High hip- 45″
Hips- 47.5″
Thigh- 29″
Arm- 15″

Lastest Measurements (12 days after the original measurements were taken)

Chest- 43″ (down .5″)
Underbust- 38.5″ (down 1″)
Waist- 35″ (down 1″)
High Hip- 43″ (down 2″!!)
Hip- 47.5″ (same)
Thigh- 28″ (down 1″!!)
Arm- 14″ (down 1″, but I may have measured incorrectly the first time)

So excited to see that my high hip (basically my belly) is down 2″ and my thighs are down 1″!!!! I’ll take measurements again in another 2 weeks!