Hi. I’m Shiv. Welcome to my adventures with the Anti-Diet!

I decided to start this blog as when I accidentally stumbled across Intuitive Eating, I could find a whole swathe of articles about HOW it works, and WHY it works, but I had trouble tracking down its success stories. Faced once again with the uncertainty that comes with embarking upon weight loss, long after resigning myself to the fact that diets just don’t work for me, I was eager to find myself a role model, a poster child, an example of why, this time, it truly WOULD be different. I found nothing.

When I started using the 3FC forum for support, I found others taking a similar approach. This led me to think – nearly 2 months after adopting this way of life, and finding that it had worked so far – that I wanted to document the intricacies of IE, from my perspective at least. I hope it will help someone. I hope it will help me. I hope the blogging will keep me mindful of the journey I’m on, and will be on forever. Plus: if it all goes wrong, and I fall flat on my face, you will see that too. You will see my successes and my failures (I mean: learning experiences!). Blogging publicly is the ultimate in weight-loss accountability!

At this point, I have gone from 212lbs to 201lbs in approximately 8 weeks. I have “fallen off the wagon” once (I must really be in the club now!). I have got back up. I feel fitter, smaller, hopeful for the future… and I currently have a list of 20 posts I want to write. In my opinion, this is perhaps the most in-depth weight loss method, yet the least talked about. I hope you can share the journey with me, whether or not you’re a follower of IE 🙂

Happy eating, and I’ll be back soon with one of those potential 20 posts!

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