Pushing myself!

Posted by incontrol2day on April 25th, 2012 |Filed Under General | 1 Comment

CW: 126.2 lbs!

I can’t wait to see below 126 because it would be a huge milestone to get passed 125 which is my April gowl.

Monday: I ran 5.8 miles

Tuesday: I ran 6.2 miles

Today, my thighs are feeling slightly sore so I’m going to do other forms of exercise. Namely, pilates, yoga, vacuuming/mopping the floor and maybe CardioX in the afternoon or some Just Dance 3 on the kinect.

Hopefully, the weather cooperates and lets me run tomorrow 🙂

Someone asked me how to build up to running long distance and I’ve never considered myself a long distance runner. Is 6 miles long distance?


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