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CW: 127.2 lbs

Up today but it was expected, we went to the movies last night and I ate a few cups of movie popcorn from my brother’s bowl. The increase of salt probably contributes to today’s gain. I did guzzle a few cups of water when I came home before bedtime.

For exercise, I did some pilates, yoga followed up with a few dances infront of the Kinect Just Dance. Food was on target yesterday with nothing.

Friday night, I ate indulged in a handful of chips (from my brother’s plate at the mexican place where I didn’t order anything for myself), 1/2 cup Breyer’s Vanilla Ice Cream, and 2 Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies (homemade). I enjoyed every bite and consciously made the decision to eat it. I really enjoyed every bite and didn’t beat myself up over it. I differentiate this with binging because when I binge it’s a shoveling, unconscious activity where I don’t really taste my food.

For April, I would love to get below 125 pounds and maintain that loss throughout. The big picture is to get as close to 120 as possible which I will strive for.

I don’t have any major events this month so no travel will hinder my progress. A few get-togethers but no consecutive days away from plan.


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