Glad to be back in the groove.

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CW: 133.6 lbs (-1.6 lbs from yesterday)

Do you guys have a time of day you weigh yourself? Mine is always immediately after I wake up after I pee.

I didn’t weigh myself yesterday until after I had breakfast, coffee and tea so the difference is explainable.

So a girl tagged me on some pictures from last weekend. I thought I looked cute going out but in the pictures I’m not so much. I love it when someone else is holding the camera because the pictures are so much more honest. You can’t angle yourself especially in candids. I had a few candids in that album so I had myself from all angles. Great information for myself but not so much for my self-esteem.

I thought I was ok with the gain until I saw it translated in photos.

I’m super motivated now to head towards my goal of 120 (and see where I want to go from there).

Thanks for all the support. Reading other people’s blogs really keeps me focused too.

Stepped on the scale

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After months of avoiding the scale, I finally stepped on it.

CW: 135.2 lbs

SW: 192.5 lbs

GW: < 125

This may not seem like a lot but my lowest in April was about 126.5 lbs so I have gained a bit since then. Slowly but surely I will get back to the 120s! Super motivated after jumping on the scale.

Exercise has been great recently because I’ve been motivating myself with good music. I aim for 45 minutes minimum a day of exercise. My jeans feel looser so I can only imagine what my weight was end of December before I came back from my Asia trip.

Hope you guys are doing well. I’ve been consistently blogging on my public blog so if anyone wants a link let me know 🙂

Not so cold tolerant anymore.

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I used to be so resistant to the cold when I attended college in PA. I remember back in the day when I would don a hoodie, jeans and flip flops in the middle of the winter. I was more hot than cold. Now that I’m fitter and smaller, I find myself buried under blankets and layers while sipping hot tea.

My friends up north are probably scoffing at Florida being “cold” but we’re having a cold front right now with freeze warnings in certain parts. My weather is only in the high 40s (58 this afternoon) but I still find myself chilly. We’re back to low 70s this weekend though.

I hope everyone is staying warm!

It’s day 4 of eating on plan. I’m not feeling very hungry at night (probably due to jet lag). My largest meal of the day is lunch.

Everyone seems to be trying to get healthy in the new year. I hope everyone keeps it up!

I hope everyone is doing well!

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Happy New Year. I’m finally back from my trip to Asia with the bf.

I’m eager to stay true to my goals of 2012 (one of them being a better blogger!)

This year is all about staying healthy, living in moderation, getting more toned and consistent exercise!