April 7th, 2013 by Mau

I just did 100 burpees  & 100 sit-ups in 14 minutes.

Then I drank a bucket of water in 14 seconds! 😛

April 6th, 2013 by Mau

That’s me today. 6 miles of hiking this afternoon and I feel grrrrreat!

We had a lot of NW wind this morning, about 30 knot of it and I chose to ride my bike 2.5 miles to walk a dog I was pet sitting and then did the return ride. 5 miles is a long old haul when the wind blows against you one direction and then has the nerve to blow at ya going the other direction. I was expecting to have it easy and be blown home but I got my ass kicked. Since i was on a roll I did that big hike and once I was in the woods I had to peel off my jacket and tie it around my waist. I even needed mittens when I set out!

What a crazy place to try and do any outdoor activities this time of year. Freezing one minute and sweating buckets the next and then comes the cold chills! lol! Well that’s gotta add up to a big time calorie burn that makes a heart happy!

April 4th, 2013 by Mau


but it’s never going down ahead of my morning coffee. In my little world this should never be screwed with. That one cup of coffee takes me from Zombie to Einstein in about 20 slurps. I can feel my mind returning. The fog lifts. Motor skills return. Okay, so the Einstein comparison may be stretching it a little, but I do feel particularly intelligent after that Cup of Brain. It’s distractingly noticeable. 😀

I haven’t managed a post for a while and it bothers me that I haven’t. Things have finally slowed down for me. I worked a while longer than I thought I would be working and good news is I have found the time to take some quick runs, walks and a couple of good sized hikes. My legs are feeling better and my hamstring is improving all the time. I think I am at a place where it will be safe to toss a few segments of 30 second sprints into my little runs.

Best of all…it looks like the damned stubborn weight is finally getting the hell lost!
Yay! Yippee! Yahoo!!! Carrying on with lean protein & lots of veggies, fruits, low-fat dairy and nut’s n seeds, and of course my protein shakes. Notice I didn’t say ‘water’? hahaha!

It’s 7:20 am and I am headed out now  to take a trot. When I get back I’m going to do a work-out dvd.

March 28th, 2013 by Mau

I’m a hard worker. I like to earn an extra buck or two where I can and although the work I’m doing right now is very physical, it is interfering with my weight-loss plan. I wonder how it is that the bending, squatting, and lifting of heavy crap doesn’t whittle one single pound off of me? How the hell is that? All I can figure is that it can not help that my meals have been all over the place lately and that probably has a lot to do with it. Here I was getting a little hopeful that a sneak peak at the scales several days ago was a hint of a happy weigh-in to follow. Plus, I thought that with all of this hard work I might see a few pounds disappear. But Noooooooo!
No soup for you!!!
Actually my legs feel oddly heavy and tired. I think they are plain, old, over-worked. I’m going to work another 3 days and after that I am working on Me!
I need a rest. Over worked and underpaid! 😉
I need to lay off of the extreme reps of squats & lunges. I want to concentrate on higher reps. of less weight in my work-outs. Change is good, Donkey!
I have a bunch of dvd’s that are cardio & weights combined and I have a feeling that this would be a route for me to go right now. I’ll keep the weights all mellow like and along with building my running back, and some cycling if the weather ever straightens out, fingers crossed this will do the trick!

i was pooped!

March 26th, 2013 by Mau

Yesterday I decided to back down to 1/8 mile intervals. My legs were tired from the multitude of squats and kettle-bell swings from the day before, so I cut myself some slack. As soon as I started my first interval I knew 1/4 mile ones were out of the question. Ya know what it felt like? It felt like what I’m sure a Sumo wrestler feels like running. Do they run?
BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Ground shaking under me. I’m not imagining it. That is how it felt every foot strike. My legs even feel big when they are tired. Like tree trunks. Anyways, that was good enuf for me. I did my mile’s worth and quit. Rest day enforced by my trunks! 🙂

i heart omelets!

March 26th, 2013 by Mau

…and here’s the one i make that I never grow tired of. For any omelet lovers out there!
It’s bigger than life!
And it’s not a MILLION calories. (lol! prob under 300)
It’s pigging out and getting away with it!

I should call it my ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Illegal’ omelet!

If you love salsa and spinach…and cheese, yes cheese….Eat it!

~ 1/2 carton of Simply eggs whites. Costco has delicious ones & 1/2 container is bout 120 calories.
~ Lots of cooked spinach. I use 1/2 pkg of frozen spinach(for convenience)/ thawed beforehand and nuked while pan is heating up. I use olive oil margarine but not very much!
~ All the salsa ya want. Costco again! They have great fresh salsa in a square container in the cooler section! I love anything that is ‘all i want’ 🙂
~ A low fat cheese slice. Splurge a little with this one, fat free ones melt shitty, and the rest of the omelet might be a little too healthy. Imagine it!

That’s it! I pour in the egg whites, lower the heat a bit on the pan and cover them so they cook til there’s not much liquid egg left. Then I put one side, the cold salsa that has to be kept in the fridge, but i dump the piping hot spinach on top of that, and toss my cheese, which i split in half to cover the other half. Then just fold it together & when ever ready slid it onto the plate and shovel it down! I’m not that delicate with a spatula so sometimes it does not reach the plate looking very ‘omelet-ish’, but by this point I’m salivating buckets and apperance-wise  my give-a-fuck factor is Zero. 😯

Sometimes ya gotta have a big breakfast!
Cause I said so! 😛

it’s an X-fit day…

March 24th, 2013 by Mau

Here’s my Sunday ass kicking…I’m doing these wod’s soon as I run some errands which I am running to avoid this crazy stuff which I will be happy I did. Do them, that is.  I just don’t know it yet!

!!!News flash!!! ~I’m finished and I lived through it! These little work-outs pack a mean punch. You sure get your money’s worth!

7 rounds for time of: 10:41 min.
7 push-ups
7 thrusters (20lbs)
7 burpees
7 kettle bell swings (15lbs)
7 leg lifts oops! I forgot these, but my heart was thumping like crazy without them. This deceptive little W/O  was the toughest of them all!

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of:
Crossfit sit-ups
Squats                    Time: 6:44 min.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
10 Kettlebell swings, 15-20 lbs
10 Box jumps, 18 inch box ( I did 8″ on my step, cautious about hamstring)
10 Bench dips
10 Crossfit sit-ups         Rounds completed: 8 total plus the KB swings and Box jumps.

simple truths…

March 24th, 2013 by Mau

it really blows…

March 23rd, 2013 by Mau

…and it blows like hell! Really? Did I jinx the weather by sticking that cycling ticker up in the side bar? Oh you know I did.
I went cycling anyways, so there effin wind, take that! I went out just at the edge of darkness. Why not make it all the more miserable and add a cold evening chill to that wind. I’m sure I burned bonus calories for catching a damned chill after sweating like hell fighting against the wind to get home. What a burn. I only rode 6 miles and I swear it felt more like 15.
Isn’t it odd that I can cycle as if I never had an injury, but try and put one foot in front of the other and I have a big numb noodle leg? Yup, I’m an oddball. Just need to get the paperwork stamped. 😉

I did a mile of intervals again today and I advanced myself up to intervals of 1/4 mile. I did them at a mellow pace and was very careful. If I so much as imagined I had felt a twinge in my bum leg I would had stopped right away. I was impressed that I did so good and that I’m adapting to the strange numbing sensation that appears in that hamstring as I run. It didn’t seem as severe today, so I’m encouraged by that. I’m frigging surprised that I ran two days in a row with no complications. Oh happy me!

No running tomorrow. I’m going to do a few cross fit wod’s. Not sure which ones yet, but they aren’t going to tickle!

i’m calling it a poop day

March 22nd, 2013 by Mau

I’m in grieving. I wandered in and out blubbering in my coffee cup today. I have no appetite and I expect that. I loved my kitty. Pure and simple.
I forced down a small protein shake and  did manage to do my mile of intervals for my hamstring recovery program. I didn’t want to do the stupid mile, and dunno why I forced myself. I thought it would help. Then I carried some really nice rocks, big ones, over to put on his grave and cried all over them.
Ya see, yesterday when I called my guy from the vets to let him know about Mr. Kitty and to tell him I was bringing him home to bury, he did a very thoughtful thing. I had a few hours trip back taking the highway and then two ferries before I arrived home and when I pulled into the yard he was there waiting with shovels, etc. to dig the hole for me so I could lay my kitty to rest.
And guess what else he had?
He had went right to work after I had called him and made a little coffin out of pine. He even made the pine marker on a  post for the grave header. What he had painted on it made me burst out laughing. I was so blown away.  I had rescued Mr.Kitty in the bitter cold of winter in January 2005. He had been dumped off at the dump like garbage and was starving to death going from home to home getting into garbage. He was just skin covering bones. That’s why I never knew his age. Anyways, my guy had written on the marker:
Mr. Kitty
? – 2013

Isn’t that incredibly loving and sweet that he did all of that!
Awww shit,,,here I go again with the tears…

Thanks for the caring comments on my last post. This is a really great place to blog. I can’t handle talking about Mr.Kitty face to face with anyone here yet, so you guys are it. Thank-you!!!!