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Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Hellooooo out there! I am still reading blogs and NOT commenting which is really pissing me off! Lord, knows I would if I only could.
Fix it somebody!
Jeeze, enough already with the broken commenting machine!

Okay, bitching is finished and now on to me, me…all about me!
Who else is there? 😉 Seriously though.
Good news on the weight loss front…17 effin pounds are gone!!! I was waiting to see 205 stick to the scales after having a glimpse of it several times and then BAM! 203 came at me from outta nowhere and has hung around since yesterday morning. It happened so fast that it has just dawned on me that in 4 pounds I’ll be back under 200 again at long last. Don’t pinch me. If this is a dream I don’t wanna wake up and be driven to drink,,,,I can do enough of that anyways without much encouragement. Truthfully it’s been a little while since I’ve tied a good one on & some nice evening soon I’m going on a smallish sized tear! lol! It’s been long enuf now that I imagine I’ll be a pretty cheap drunk! Probably take days to get over it, too.  😉

Went out for a run in the rain and ‘storm warning’ winds last night.
Crazy chick, that’s me. Ahhh but it was so mild out and nobody out driving around, so, I pretty much had to go & own the night, didn’t I?
I sure loves a rainy run, I does.
This morning I guzzled my chocolate protein shake which I like to blend in a frozen banana and peanut butter, and I headed out on my bike. I rode and then bailed off and ran down and back up a trail, and then rode home,
Gawd my legs are not impressed with me.  Do I care? Nah uh! Tough leg love.