13.8 pounds down! =)

…and 36.2 to go! Not 50 lbs anymore, but 36.2!!!! That’s music to my ears & eyes. I keep thinking “just 7 more pounds and it’ll ONLY be 20 something to go”. Woah, that’s amazing because I thought there for a while back early this year that The damned weight would never come off. It hung on for so long without budging a bit. I have to admit that I probably was eating just enough too much, here and there, to jeopardize any progress I could have made.
Just a weekend party and the snack sneaking that comes hand in hand with booze probably screwed me. I can’t get away with too many extras at my age. My body wants to pack it on and then hangs on for dear life! Traitor body! Doh!

I don’t know if this is coincidence, or not, but I’ve been eating a lot more Greek yogurt lately and the weight seems to be repelled by the yogurt. I shovel it into myself and the pounds retreat to who cares where! All bow to the great and mighty yogurt! 😆  I like it with granola or muesli on top and that’s what my snacks have been for the most part, and what I eat at night if I’m really wanting to eat something. Whatever it is that’s going on, I’ll take it! Just keep doing what I’m doing…trying to get the most (bulk)food into me with the least amount of calories. White fish, or chicken. A shit ton of veggies. That’s a meal I have every day.  I have a new bbq sauce that I’m addicted to (Presidents Choice Apple Butter BBQ sauce) and it tastes delicious on either chicken, or fish. It has some sweet flavor which I find pretty darned appealing.  I just slather it sparingly over the meat right in the pan and throw some tin foil over as a cover and let it bake right on the stove top. Deelish!!! I’ve been steaming butternut squash, mashing it up and mixing it in with my steamed veggies and diced protein in one big bowl…it’s a lot of food, and I’m so stuffed, yet it not a high calorie meal. I have a little low calorie olive oil margarine tossed with the stir fry veggies, too.
I don’t worry about the sugars in the yogurt except I won’t buy any that have 20 or more grams. That’s the best I can do,,,zero, or low fat & enjoy the rest. 🙂
I try to limit my fruit to 2 pieces, apple,banana, etc. daily. I have a little wiggle room on everything because I don’t want to fixate on precision. That’s just effing not my style. So if it works don’t fuck with it, right?
Gawd but I’ve been a busy chick lately. Working very hard leaves no legs left under me to work out, or run. I fall into bed exhausted and I even slept in this morning to 7 o’clock.  That’s not the norm for me. I’m usually up 5, 5:30 and I don’t even have to be! I just wake up and sleep is over.

I’m looking forward to morning workouts with sis-in-law maybe as soon as by the end of this week. I’m especially hankering to go for a run, but not on the legs I got under me tonight. They are tired to death. I will feed them Greek yogurt and tylenol.

….I should test the comments….hope it’s back to normal…. fingers crossed…

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